Increase Productivity and Work Hours per Year

Increase Productivity and Work Hours per Year

Increase Productivity and Work Hours per Year

For any business to be a success, they need dynamic workforces who also play a key role in successfully acquiring business goals and objectives. If the performance measures are not chosen appropriately there will be no suitable method of examining and evaluating the productivity. Accurate measurement of productivity is basic for any business to set rational goals and prospects; also it is suggestible to provide the right platform for those who are not performing at their best. 

Appropriate recognition by Identifying the most Work hours per year

For all those who put in lots of work, the most disturbing idea is not getting appropriate recognition for the efforts invested in finishing a task. People like the feeling that their assistances and labor make a huge difference and would like to be rewarded for all those struggles. Careful and close observation of the employee performance will help the business in effectively reviewing the performance and provide suitable rewards. Recognition can be given in various forms like an employee of the month, salary increase, bonus or other types of incentives. Apart from benefitting the employees, rewards also help business by promoting employee engagement and motivating them to do even better in future. 

A lot of businesses conduct a yearly evaluation for current employees and reward them on their employment anniversary date while for new employees, the evaluation might be held at the 6-month mark and at their first anniversary at work mark thereafter making it an annual evaluation. It is also beneficial to conduct a regular and informal discussion with the employees throughout the year rather than only doing a one-time evaluation. Checking a reliable time sheet helps with this! 

Tracking employee time will give a better understanding of what is happening with the business, giving an overview as to where the time is being spent by each team and the amount of efforts put in. Based on this managers can rearrange the projects and tasks providing timely help to the team while they chase the set goals within the specified duration. Also, tracking the employee time will also help them focus on work showcasing the importance to do so. The employee will precisely know what has to be done, the time they have to do it and the current time they are spending. 

Further, this will also help them organize the work if they are way behind the task, evaluating how and where they are spending the time also providing them with the opportunity to inform managers about the possible delay of certain projects. 

Additionally, the business owners can trim costs by understanding the workflow of the business and get to know the problems or any disturbances that hinder their growth. Identifying problems currently faced by the business will also help to rectify them and cutting out any wasted costs. When the employees are at work, it is the company that pays for the services they provide to the company and doing an unrelated task will in a lot of cases waste not only the company’s money but also resources.

Thanks to modern technology and the internet, there are various tools available for business that will help with managing work and employees. One such tool is timesheet reporting software that can be easily integrated with Microsoft outlook.

Features and Benefits of a Time Tracking System

The right time tracking solution, is easily installed on your computer, and can also be accessed via a browser (for example on your phone), and will help in a number of different areas.

Easy to use: It has a simple design with the help of which you can easily get an overview of time. You can also create individual profiles for users, and make sure that they only see projects, etc. that are relevant to them.

Employee tracking system: It works with accuracy and helps you track employee hours. Thus, employers will now be able to know the exact work hours of their employees and they can be paid accordingly, and clients can be billed correctly. 

Management of tasks: The timesheet system will enable you to assign tasks to different employees easily. It is also possible to see how the task is progressing. It also has space for employees to note their own observations. This software also helps make communication between employees easier and better. 

Payroll: The timesheet system can also help payroll become an easy task, with multiple features. It can work well with many accounting programs as well. 

Easy installation with smart phone access: The solution can be easily installed on mobiles as well which means it can work remotely also. Anywhere you are, anywhere your employees are and you are able to track time, view tasks, find out about the progress and even manage work schedules. 

You can manage remote employees better: With the right solution, it is now possible for businesses to have more employees working remotely, which can help save costs. With the time tracking system, it is possible to manage their tasks and availability well. 

Reimbursement feature: It also has reimbursement feature which helps businesses to monitor such requests and then work accordingly. 

Reduce manual errors: When you have the manual way of entering information about timesheets, payroll and so on, it can lead to many errors and consequently a loss for you.  With good time reporting software you can track how much time your staff has spent in different areas, almost without lifting a finger, making it more accurate, since you don’t have to remember when you did what. 

Increase effectiveness of your team: With time tracking software, it becomes easy for the employees and the employers to track how much time has been spent and how well has the time been spent on different tasks. This process will definitely improve the productivity of the team leading to more satisfied employees, employers and clients as well. 

Importance of Tracking Employee Work hours per Year

Tracking Employee work hours per year is a simple procedure to find out how much time is spent on different tasks or projects. Time is of utmost importance in any business and for a venture to be profitable, along with various management skills, it is also important to manage time. Thus, one of the best advantages of tracking employee time is that it also helps in effective time management as well as talent management. 

Here are some benefits of tracking employee time

Financial benefits: When tracking employee time, you also get to see the time spent on a particular project. More time means more efforts are required. This can also help you fix a particular cost for your future projects. It also helps in preparing the right invoice. 

Better estimation: Once you are aware of how much time is required for a certain project, you can time your future projects accordingly and thus get greater client trust and credibility. 

Timely delivery: With time tracking, you do not waste time and you are able to do deliveries on time or much earlier than the deadline.

Better understanding of time: Time tracking helps you to understand how time can be better utilized as you find flaws and problems while working and this helps you resolve them more efficiently. Thus, your work becomes better as you are now aware of how you will be able to prepare a time-table as per the task assigned.

Better employee management: As you start getting more projects, you will have less time to complete more tasks. It is not possible to increase the number of employees all the time. With efficient tracking of employee time, you are able to manage the time and skills of each employee in such a manner that they are able to do more work by taking minimal time. That is why tracking time really helps. 

It helps you know what to keep and what to drop: Effective time tracking helps you find where you go wrong and what practices of yours are not working and what works. It helps you find the best work practices and also the bad work practices as well. Now that you know what you need to retain and what not, you will find that your workplace becomes a bustling work zone where more work gets done. 

More relaxed employees: Tracking employee time also transforms the stressed out team into a well-relaxed team.  This means that earlier when employees stressed and spent time on unimportant tasks, they are now utilizing the time for the actual work and they are thus able to manage their time better as well.


Timesheet reporting in your Microsoft Outlook calendar can come in handy for any type of business and help in managing tasks as well as employees efficiently. With such an easy to use model and a variety of features, such systems are certainly a boon. In today’s time, no business can survive without technology and this system, in fact, helps businesses attain their goals sooner. 

All this with a time tracking solution that helps you get an overview of work hours per day and work hours per year.

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