Increase Productivity With Time Reporting

Increase Productivity With Time Reporting

Increase Productivity With Time Reporting

The days of employees punching in and out with an old style time clock are becoming a thing of the past, as technology has now advanced to the point where it can all be done via software. There is now a higher level of trust placed on employees when it comes to keeping track of their time, but there still has to be some level of accountability to be had. The best of both worlds can be achieved by using timesheet reporting software, and the features of such a system can greatly increase productivity on a number of different levels.

Increase Productivity with Time Reporting for Employees Out in The Field

When thinking about how to increase productivity with time reporting, consider that employees who work out in the field don’t usually do so on a 9 to 5 basis. They are often asked to keep track of their own hours, which they then have to submit to a supervisor for verification. This can often be a convoluted process that takes up altogether too much time, but if each employee can log their hours in their Microsoft Outlook calendar and have it immediately integrated with the time reporting software, a lot of time can be saved.

Employees with access to this particular function can better plan out their projects, especially if a supervisor is able to approve time entries. Time does not then have to be wasted inputting data on a daily basis, including hours worked, expenses, and vacation time. This frees up more time to actually work on projects instead of worrying about submitting a ton of paperwork in a timely fashion.

To really leave employees free to get on with their work, it’s a good idea to use software that allows them to access the time reporting functions whether or not they are online or offline. Making the software available via Outlook, and also via web and smartphones, is the best way to make that happen.

Productivity Increases for Employees in the Office

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity in the office is to have time reporting software that can easily be integrated with existing systems. Having all of the data in a single place makes life that much easier, and also makes reports easy to create and deliver. Reporting is especially important, as it can quickly and easily appease clients looking for an update on how their specific project is going, and will also help internal planning and controls. The reports can also be used to show prospective customers how time and resources will be delivered to any jobs that they hire the business for.

Permissions can also be set up based on the roles within the company, allowing everyone to gain access to the areas of the software that will help make their job easier. When a piece of software can take a lot of the weight off the shoulders of the work force, you are left with a lot of people who are happy to show up for work every day. A happy employee is one that is definitely a whole lot more productive.

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