Job Tracking Software – Why Your Business Needs a Daily Time Tracker

Job Tracking Software - Why Your Business Needs a Daily Time Tracker

Job Tracking Software – Why Your Business Needs a Daily Time Tracker

Being a manager or running your own business can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. Not only do you have your own duties to perform, but on top of those you also have to manage your other employees and ensure that they’re on the right track. This is where it pays to incorporate job tracking software into your business. Software like this, such as a daily time tracker for example, will help your business in more ways than you could ever imagine. Many business owners nowadays are hesitant to incorporate modern technology into their businesses as they fear change and they worry that it is just another thing that could potentially go wrong. In order to get ahead in the business world however, we need to embrace change, rather than fear it, and that means we need to embrace modern technology. If you’re looking for a way of scaling up your business, keeping costs low, improving efficiency, and making better use of your time, you should seriously consider incorporating a daily time tracker that ideally integrates with Outlook to get more from your business. If you still need a little persuading, here are several simple and effective reasons why your business needs job tracking software.

Monitor the status of jobs at a glance with job tracking software

One of the main reasons why job tracking software has proved to be so popular over the years is the fact that it helps managers and business owners monitor the status of jobs and activities at a glance. Say for example, you are working on a big project that is due in four weeks’ time. With time tracking software as part of your business, you can see how close to completion that particular project is. If for example, the work is due in 4 weeks’ time and you can see from the time tracking software that it is days away from completion, you know that you are well ahead of schedule, so you can perhaps turn your attention to other tasks as you know that you have plenty of time left to spare. As a manager/business owner, it can be a daunting prospect to know that a particularly lucrative task is being left in the hands of others, with you having no clear idea of how far along it actually is. Job tracking software gives you peace of mind because you can see how close to, or how far away from, completion each task is.

Utilize different devices with your daily time tracker

Let’s face it, not everybody works in their office 7 days per week, and not everybody has access to their laptop or PC around the clock. In the past, if you wanted to utilize various pieces of software, you had to do so on company time, using company equipment. As modern technology is now so advanced however, you can utilize a daily time tracker using your smartphone or tablet. That means that if you are being kept up at night because you’re worried that you may be behind schedule on a particular task, you can simply log on via your own personal device and put your mind at ease one way or another. It is also useful for freelancers and employees that are working on-site, as they too can utilize mobile access via their browser.

Compare previous projects

A business is only as strong as its employees and if you want to ensure that your employees are pulling their weight and are maintaining the standards you expect, again, job tracking software is perfect. Due to the nature of the technology, you can pull up previous project analytics at the push of a button, allowing you to compare them with projects that are currently being worked on. If for example, you and/or your employees are working on the same project for a regular client that they/you have worked on in the past, you can compare analytics and see whether or not they/you are working at the same pace/ability as previously. Not only that, but if you do experience problems and perhaps need answers, you can compare data from previous tasks and try to look at what may have gone wrong.

Helps eliminate non-essential activities

Another great reason to consider investing in top quality job tracking software is the fact that doing so will help you to eliminate non-essential activities. When you look at the data you can see exactly how your employees are spending their time and which projects they have been working on. If for example, you have a big job due in two weeks’ time, and you know that it will take roughly 10 days to complete, you can pull your employees off trivial tasks that can be completed in a matter of hours and can put them on the harder, more urgent jobs instead.

Boosts employee morale

In the early stages of incorporating a daily time tracker, you may find that your employees are a little resistant. Once they understand exactly how it works, and once they see how much it helps to improve the business and their performance in general, they will soon come around. With timesheet software, you will often find that employee morale increases exponentially once everybody is used to the software and what it’s all about. This is because it helps to motivate employees and it helps them to see just how well they are performing. There’s just something reassuring about seeing on paper, or in this case on-screen, just how much of a good job you are doing. Time tracking software helps to improve the business, which means more jobs, more clients, and more money. This in itself is a great incentive to work harder. The harder people work, the more the business benefits and the more the business benefits, the happier everybody becomes.

Save on resources

Some businesses already utilize time tracking, but they do so the old-fashioned way, with paper. Paper is one of the most expensive resources for any business, especially an office-based one, so why would you spend more on paper and other resources than you need to? With a daily time tracker employees can punch in and enter their relevant info digitally, rather than using pen and paper. Over time this will actually help you to save quite a significant amount of money. On top of that, with a daily time tracker you can get an overview of the ins and outs of the business so you can see what is being done and what is being used. This again can help save money because it can help you to cut back on purchasing simple resources that actually may not be required.

Helps create productive habits

Lets face it, for many of us, if we know that we have time to spend, that is often what we will do. With employees for example, if they are working on a project with a 2 week deadline and they can see that it is close to completion with more than a week to spare, they’ll often do the bare minimum because they know that there is no rush. Ideally they should complete the project well in advance, deliver it to the client nice and early, keep the client happy, and move on to the next task. With a daily time tracker however, they know that they have to record how their time is being utilized, and what they are spending their time on. This helps to build productive habits because it fights unnecessary procrastination and helps them to better manage their time. Rather than leaving jobs until the last minute because they know that they can, they will instead get their projects completed nice and early.

Improve individual performances

Another great benefit of utilizing job tracking software in a business environment, is the fact that doing so will help you to improve individual performances, including your own. With a daily time tracker you can get an overview of how well you and your employees are performing. If for example, you can see that one employee is struggling to stay on schedule with one particular aspect of the job, you can take them aside and find out why they are struggling, and if they require assistance or further training. You can also use it to get an idea of how well you are performing. If there is a part of your everyday position that you are struggling with, the data on-screen doesn’t lie, so you can look at it and can then decide what needs to be done.

Prioritize tasks and assign help if required

Sometimes if an employee is struggling with something at work, rather than asking for help they will keep quiet for fear of looking incompetent or being reprimanded. With job tracking software, you can see if employees are struggling or if they are perhaps falling behind schedule, and you can assign help if needed. As mentioned, this software helps you to prioritize tasks so if you can see that you have employees working on tasks with plenty of time to spare, you can pull them off of those and put them onto the tasks with the most imminent deadlines that your original employee may have been struggling with by themselves.

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