Lawyer Timesheet Do’s and Don’ts

Lawyer Timesheet

Lawyer Timesheet Do’s and Don’ts

There is often nothing more depressing for a lawyer than staring at a manual-based lawyer timesheet. More often than not, lawyers are jam packed with different cases and clients, and need a timesheet to allocate the rates they bill for their valuable time. Unfortunately, many lawyers have found that using manual timesheets is a proverbial pain in the neck. A lot of times, law firms look back in chagrin as a poorly managed timesheet leads to inefficient billing and wasted hours incurred. As a lawyer in a law firm, you have probably experienced this scenario at least once.

However, this doesn’t mean it has to happen to you and your firm again. You can keep track of all of your time spent on clients as well as your legal and paralegal professionals without having to break a sweat. A properly managed lawyer timesheet can mean higher revenues, less hassle, and better time management so that your law firm has a little bit of time to breathe in between clients and meetings. With TimeSheet Reporter software, all of this can be made possible with the utmost of ease.

Better Billing with a TimeSheet Reporter Lawyer Timesheet

In a legal firm, the time you spend with a client is money in the pocket. However, time is often lost while creating and managing lawyer timesheets and this hurts the firm considerably.

In contrast, TimeSheet Reporter can save you precious time and money by automating the schedules of your personnel and time spent with clients. TimeSheet Reporter is the best system on the market for managing time schedules in a user-friendly and time-saving manner. The product makes it possible to use your Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments as the basis for your time tracking. You simply add your client’s name, the project name and the activity from a dropdown menu, when creating your appointment, and that’s it. Your appointment now works as a timesheet. You can also share this data with your other systems, for example accounting, and it comes with some great build-in reports as well as supervisor approval.

You will never again have to see hours wasted on non- money making ventures or resources poorly allocated by an inefficient lawyer timesheet. By working in tandem with the ordinary Microsoft Outlook program, lawyer timesheets can be optimized for the greatest amount of law firm efficiency and the greatest revenue.

Furthermore, TimeSheet Reporter can make sure any project and schedule issues are caught early on. You won’t need to cancel any client meetings or cases because of schedule conflicts any longer. The automated system also ensures a prompt scheduling system for your lawyer timesheet, which notifies you when important meetings come up or when anybody on your staff is on sick leave or vacation (vacation tracking).

With TimeSheet Reporter, your law firm can run at the highest level of efficiency with the greatest amount of money made as possible. As was mentioned previously, time is money in the world of legal consultation and law. Your law firm can operate at the efficiency, and quality it deserves with a little help from TimeSheet Reporter.


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