Looking for the Best Outlook Time Tracking Software for Employee Productivity?

Looking for the Best Outlook Time Tracking Software for Employee Productivity?

Looking for the Best Outlook Time Tracking Software for Employee Productivity?

Time is perhaps the most valuable possession any company employee could have. A lot are not using it carefully and wisely from time to time, but still everyone is aware of how important it is.

Every now and then office staff are all of a sudden occupied with so many things on their plate. With so many tasks to do, they are more likely to make things confusing and disorganized. When this happens, employees succumb to a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure, which results in a huge decrease in their productivity. A decrease in employee productivity will also mean a drop in the company’s potential income as well.

Time tracking and time management is crucial to help keep office staff motivated and competent. It is the key to maintain or increase employee efficiency as well as motivation. With the right time tracking software for your company, you can be sure that all your employees will be able to perform at their best, and that could mean a lot in making your business more profitable and successful.

Time Tracking Software for Outlook

One of the best time management systems available today is a time tracking program based on the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The Outlook Calendar is then supplemented with an add-on program to accommodate the specific demands of a company. The simplicity and familiarity of the Outlook Calendar, plus the enhancement given to it by the supplemental program, makes it the perfect time tracking software for Outlook that you are looking for.

Having a simple and familiar time management system is ideal for a business organization, no matter how big it is. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Familiar programs are easy to understand and utilize. This benefits both the employees and the company as well. Implementing something new always requires some period of adjustment. But since the program is common, users will not have a difficult time incorporating the system in their daily tasks, thus it will work seamlessly with their existing jobs.
  • Business owners are also going to be benefited because the company can save a lot of money from training expenses. With a simple program that is easy to follow and apply to daily routines, there will be no need for elaborate discussions or a whole day seminar that could cost the company a great deal of manpower hours. The add-on software would only take a simple orientation to learn as all fundamental features of the Outlook Calendar are still there.
  • Simple programs are easier to abide by. Implementing a time tracking software for Outlook lessens the chance of having internal conflicts or misunderstandings between team leaders and their staff. Since employees are already using the Outlook Calendar for their personal time management needs prior to official implementation, managers don’t have to force their staff in using it.

A too complex time tracking program is really a burden and not an effective tool when it comes to actual implementation and usage of the system.

The Best Outlook Time Tracking Software for Employee Productivity

The best Outlook time tracking software will fit all of your company’s employee productivity needs. It is not only simple and familiar, but it is highly functional as well. The program has a lot of qualities that can meet your employees’ time tracking requirements, especially since a supplemental software is added to it.

The Outlook Calendar is a great foundation of a time management system, but there are still limitations to it. That is why a supplemental program, such as TimeSheet Reporter, is needed to further increase its usefulness and functionality.

With the add-on software, the Calendar can be used to monitor employee time on their particular tasks and also on other special projects that they are involved in, track billable time for faster and more accurate invoicing, schedule meetings or appointments with co-workers or clients, and record vacation leaves and sick leaves of all your staff. All these functions can help a lot in improving your company’s level of employee efficiency.

The best time tracking software should not only be about monitoring or managing time, but should also be about looking after the welfare of your employees and giving them enough motivation and inspiration to do well in their respective jobs. TimeSheet Reporter’s time tracking software for Outlook will effectively fulfill this kind of necessity.

Other features

Aside from those mentioned above, the other features of an enhanced time tracking software for Outlook that can help improve the productivity of your workers should include the following:

1. Quick report generation

Not only is the software simple, but a user can also generate a full and up-to-date timesheet report from it without too much hassle. So long as the timesheet is kept updated, which is easy to sustain as mentioned above, there will be no problems making and submitting a detailed report. This feature saves your employees a lot of time in making and submitting a report, which they can use to focus more on improving their outputs.

2. Standardized reports

And because the system itself will take care of report generation, all timesheet reports are then standardized and regulated. This feature is important because when reports are standardized, team leaders will have an easier time reading, interpreting, and collating them. A new, more comprehensive report is easier to create as well. This also lets managers and supervisors make better use of their time and not spend it all on report creation.

3. Mobile and offline access

Time tracking with Outlook should also be possible when offline. With a solution like TimeSheet Reporter, users can still report their time via Outlook when they are offline. The next time they are online it will simply be synchronized.

If a user doesn’t have access to a regular browser or their Outlook, they can access their timesheet through their mobile phones. This feature makes it convenient for the company to make accurate billings and invoices to clients for field services made.

4. System integration

This time tracking software for Outlook can also be integrated to essential company-wide systems such as ERP, CRM, and accounting, which will also make extensive company reports and/or financial and annual reports easier to create. This feature allows not only an increase in employee productivity but in overall operational efficiency as well.


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