Major TSR Release (6.3)  – Tons of New Features

Major TSR Release (6.3) - Tons of New Features

Major TSR Release (6.3) – Tons of New Features

We’re very excited to announce a new version of TSR (6.3). This new version includes a lot of new features, so this email may be a bit longer than usual.

So grab a cup of coffee or something else, and read on…

  • New module: Expenses
    We’ve introduced a new add-on module to TSR, which allows you to add expenses to your time entries. That means that if you for example have had costs such as hotel or mileage or certain products, you can add that to your time entries, for example for reimbursement. It can also be used for items such as billable goods.
    Just as with timesheets in TSR, Expenses come with an optional approval workflow. It also comes with build-in reporting for overview of expenses, and also comes with reimbursement reports readymade for signing by employees and management.
    You can see how it works in action at, and select ‘Expenses’ from the main menu.
  • Italian
    Italian is now available as a language option when using TSR.
  • Locations
    We’ve added a new data field to your time entries called Locations. This is not the same as the default Outlook location field. It is a TSR dropdown field, where you can have a prepopulated list of locations to add to your time entry, for example ‘Client’s office’, ‘Company HQ’, etc. This is added via the Advanced tab on your time entries.
  • More user details
    You can now add more user details to your users, which you specify yourself. Examples could be SkypeID, Spouse’s name, etc.
  • Multiple favorites
    It’s now possible to have multiple defined favorites in TSR. You can select between all these in the TSR Outlook User Agent under Advanced. You can also select to only be able to see projects, etc. that you have defined as favorites.
  • List time entries in the Outlook user agent
    We’ve made a lot of improvements to the list time entries function in the TSR Outlook user agent, including the ability to see total duration of selected entries, plus a lot more.
  • Out-of-office
    You can now select if your entry is out-of-office, and use this as an element as well when exporting or approving time entries.
  • Activities
    It’s now possible to activate/inactivate activities.
  • User groups in export
    You can now include users’ user groups when exporting their time entries with TSR DataBridge.
  • Back-button on reports
    We’ve introduced a Back-button on reports so that you can get back to your search criteria without having to start over.
  • Duration of zero
    It’s now possible to create time entries with a duration of zero.
  • User group on approval screen
    You can now use user groups as search criteria on the approval page.
  • Matrix view with copy function
    We’ve introduced a matrix view of time entries in TSR WebAdmin, which will give you a weekly overview of time entries, including display of total number of hours. This will also make it possible for you to submit all your time entries for the selected week, as well as copy time entries from one week to another.
  • Copy listed time entries
    In the list time entries function in WebAdmin, you can now copy an existing time entry and create a new one with the same information.
  • Plus a lot of other improvements…

You can read more about the above functions at


How to get access to all this and what you should do now

For hosted clients your account has already been updated, so you automatically have access to most of the above.

We highly recommend that you upgrade your TSR Outlook User Agents as soon as possible.

You can get the latest TSR Outlook User Agent from the same link as you previously used. If you don’t have this link anymore, please contact us.

To get access to the Locations administration and the Matrix view of time entries, make sure that you have the permissions ‘Location’ and ‘Matrix view’ respectively.

For more detailed descriptions of the above permissions, click here…

For more details on how to manage Roles and Permissions, please click here…

To get a trial on the Expense module, kindly contact us, and we’d be happy to provide you with this.


We hope that you’ll enjoy all these new features.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything.