Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking – Practical Reasons to Use Time Tracking Software

Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking – Practical Reasons to Use Time Tracking Software
Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking – Practical Reasons to Use Time Tracking Software

“Lost time is never found again” and in the business world, that saying rings truer than ever before. Time is arguably mankind’s most precious commodity, yet for many of us it is an asset in short supply. 

When you’re busy and feel as if you have a million and one things on the go at once, it seems like no matter how early you wake up, or how soon you get started, you still find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day. 

When running a business, time management is pivotal to success, which is why solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 time tracking software are proving to be such huge hits. 

Time tracking software has advanced enormously over the last few years, and if implemented correctly in your organization, it can provide countless benefits with very few, if any, drawbacks. 

If you’re considering investing in Microsoft Office 365 time tracking software but are still hesitant to get started, here are a few practical reasons to use time reporting software that will help to seal the deal. 

Make your business more profitable

One of the best advantages of using a time tracking solution in your business is the fact that it will almost certainly make your business more profitable. 

Time tracking apps and pieces of software are now commonplace in the business world, due largely to the fact that they enhance profitability. One of your primary business objectives will of course be to be as profitable as possible, and time tracking software helps you to do exactly that. 

Time tracking software allows you to accurately monitor task progress so you can get a better overview of how your business is performing. This in turn will highlight where you’re going right, and where you could be doing better. 

As a result, your business will become more profitable because you can invest in areas where improvements are needed, and you can stay on track and on schedule when it comes to delivering projects and/or services. 

Use in conjunction with other software

Another reason why time tracking software is so popular is because of the fact that it can be used in conjunction with other pieces of software commonly used in the workplace. 

Microsoft Office 365 for example, is a big player in the business world, so naturally using Microsoft Office 365 time tracking solutions is highly beneficial as you can integrate them together. 

When you integrate it with other software, you can then use this to your advantage, so things such as calendar can be used to organize your efforts even better. This also makes it more inclusive. 

Overview of how and where time is being spent

Another reason why time tracking software is so popular and so beneficial is because it can assist with keeping an overview of how and where time is being spent. 

With time tracking, you can see in which areas you are spending your time, where you perhaps should spend more time, and where you perhaps spend too much time. This not only helps to keep your company organized, it can also help you to optimize how you work.

Sticking with the theme we touched upon previously, another key advantage of using time tracking software in your business is the fact that it will allow you to see where your time is being spent. 

Timesheet reporting is ideal for monitoring your time because as your employees log their hours and register time spent on individual projects you can see where the time is going, how much is being used on different projects, etc.. 

Stay focussed

Perhaps one of the most underappreciated benefits of using time tracking software in your place of work, is the fact that it enables you and your employees to stay focussed. 

When using the software, employees can see exactly how much progress they’ve made on each activity, they can see how far along they are, and they can see how long it will take until completion. Rather than simply working blindly with no end goals in sight, time tracking essentially gives light at the end of the tunnel so you and your employees have something to aim for. 

When you have a goal and you can see how long it will take, this will help you to stay focussed on the task at hand, which in the business world, is exactly what is needed. 

Another of the fantastic benefits of Microsoft Office 365 time tracking software is the fact that it helps you focus on what’s important, and if you wish, eliminates multitasking.

In the workplace, multitasking is not always constructive (though sometimes needed) because it means that you aren’t dedicating 100% of your time and efforts into one project. Instead, it means you do a bit of work here, and a bit of work there, and so in the end it not only takes longer to complete tasks and projects, it also means that the work is likely less professional. 

With time tracking software, your employees can instead focus on one project at a time, log the time spent on it, and then move onto the next upon completion, or when it’s right. 

Make your business more professional

Time tracking software is very popular in the workplace, and as more and more businesses embrace it, this trend only looks set to continue. 

Time tracking not only improves employee productivity while keeping costs down, it can also give your business much more of a professional look and feel. 

To important clients, potential investors, and even potential buyers, seeing that you have successfully integrated a time tracking solution in the workplace will give your business a professional look and feel.

People can see what a difference you’re making, and they can also see that you’re embracing modern tech and getting with the times. From a business perspective, that’s very important indeed. 

Why use Microsoft Office 365 time tracking?

If you are like most other professional organizations, your company uses Microsoft Office, and in most cases Office 365.

You should therefor find a time tracking solution that builds on that, and allows you to track time based on your Outlook calendar appointments. This no matter whether you use Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac or Outlook for Web.

Using a Microsoft Office 365 time tracking solution, for example like TimeSheet Reporter, will make life so much easier for everybody.

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