Microsoft Outlook Timesheets – The Best Way

Microsoft Outlook Timesheets – The Best Way

Microsoft Outlook Timesheets – The Best Way

Timesheet reporting is essential to any business. Whether your company operates by selling hours or simply needs an overview of how employees spend their time, a good reporting system can help improve your business by leaps and bounds. And if you’re looking for a way to do this using the Microsoft Outlook calendar (literally creating Outlook timesheets), TimeSheet Reporter is by far your best option.

Developed By an Experienced Team Who Understands Your Needs

TimeSheet Reporter was developed by a team with years (40+) of experience in the IT business and a detailed understanding of the challenges of proper timekeeping that businesses face. We know that utilizing a separate application exclusively for timesheet reporting can be inefficient and unnecessarily time consuming.

Regarding the use of a ‘traditional’ time tracking system, employees will have to be trained to use it, and even then, they may find logging in to report their hours to be a tedious chore that uses up time they could otherwise be spending productively on a customer project. Furthermore, remembering what they did when can be troublesome. The resulting inaccuracies can cost a company thousands of dollars a month. And while this is the case, no supervisor enjoys always having to nag his staff about it!

Easily Create Outlook Timesheets with TSR

The TimeSheet Reporter (TSR) software addresses the problems of inconvenience and inefficiency by incorporating timesheet reporting into a program feature that many businesses already use extensively: the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

All you’ll have to do once you have TimeSheet Reporter is making a few easy additions to appointments in your Outlook calendar, such as the project, organization, and activity the appointment is for, and they then effectively works as Outlook timesheets. Employees can then submit these for approval once the activities are done, and supervisors can then check them singularly or in bulk as needed.

Data sharing with other applications like ERP and CRM can also be done.

Customizable and Scalable Timesheet Reporting

Aside from its being integrated into a highly popular software, perhaps the best thing about TimeSheet Reporter is that it is in no way a cut-and-dried, one-size-fits-all timekeeping solution. You can tailor the settings to meet your exact needs, whether you employ 5 people or 5,000. And it works just as well for taking note of sick leaves and absences as it does for monitoring the hours your staff spends on a particular project.

TimeSheet Reporter Gives Great Returns on Your Investment

All in all, using this software will give you great returns on your investment once your company decides to start with TSR. You’ll find that what you pay for each employee’s license, will soon be earned back as soon as the accurate reporting of hours, in the form of outlook timesheets, starts having an impact on your organization’s billing and internal controls.


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