New TSR Release (5.9.10)

New TSR Release (5.9.10)

New TSR Release (5.9.10)

We’ve just released yet another improved version of TSR, which we’re sure that you will like. The new version is called 5.9.10 and includes the following new enhancements:

Import Users via DataBridge

It’s now possible to import your users to TSR, add them to their proper user groups, give them the rights they need, etc. All this can now be done via DataBridge. If you import a user and the associated user groups in the import file are not present in TSR, these will automatically be created. So things can’t be easier for you.
You can also update your users in TSR this way.

Not Minimize Window When Installing

In earlier versions, when you installed TSR, the screen where you need to enter account information would be minimized. This is no longer the case, so this should make installations even easier for you.

Define Default Date Intervals in Settings

In the user settings on TSR WebAdmin you can now define default time intervals when listing timesheets (also via smartphones), hours to be approved, notifications, etc.
In this way you can get it just as you want and also optimize for your own internet connection.

How To Get The New Version

WebAdmin on all hosted accounts have already been updated so that you have access to the new features. The new Outlook User Agent can be downloaded from the usual location.
If you have downloaded the TSR agent within the last few days, you should have this version. You can check it by going to Outlook Add-Ins > TSR > About, and it should then say version 5.9.10.

We hope that you will enjoy these new enhancements.

If you need any help, you’re always welcome to contact Support.


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