New TSR Update

We’ve just released a new version of TSR. For the hosted version it’s now version 5.7.4 and for the on-premise version it’s 5.6.4.
The new update includes some minor bug fixes as well as a few updated features.

New TSR Update

New TSR Update

These include:

  • Mouse-hover effect now an option
    In the latest update we made it possible to hover your mouse over an item (organization, project, or activity) in the TSR Outlook User Agent, and you would then get some more details about the item. In some cases, where the user is attached to a lot of organizations and projects, this could cause some delay. So this is now an option you can set in the user settings.
  • Improved French and German language versions
    We’ve had the French and German version of TSR proofread and updated.
  • Other fixes and minor updates
    Some minor bug fixes and updates

How to get the new update

Hosted version: If you are running the hosted version, we have already upgraded the server part, so you will need to upgrade the Outlook User Agent to take advantage of the new update.
You can get the latest version here:
Note: We highly recommend that you update as soon as possible.

On-Premise version: If you’re running the on-premise version of TSR, you can get the latest installation kit here:
You do not need a new license if you’re already running version 5.6.x.

If you do not currently have a TSR account and would like to try it out, please follow the link below.

If you have any questions, please let us know.



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