New TSR Version Just Released (5.9.12)

New TSR Version Just Released (5.9.12)

New TSR Version Just Released (5.9.12)

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released a new version of TSR (5.9.12).
Among the new features are:

Silent Installer

It’s now possible to do a silent installation of TSR, which means that during installation the user will not be prompted for anything, and will simply be asked to enter their credentials the first time they use TSR (if they’ve not already done so).
This is especially useful in installations where you roll out TSR to multiple users.

User Foreign Key

You can now add a foreign key to users. This means that if you have an ID for your users in another system, you can now include this ID on the users’ TSR profiles.

More User Information with Time Entries Export

When exporting time entries with TSR DataBridge, you can now include more personal details about the user who created the individual time entry (including the above mentioned foreign key).

We hope that you will enjoy these new enhancements.

How to Get the New Version

For hosted accounts, we’ve already upgraded the TSR WebAdmin, so no need to do anything in that regard. However, we’d highly recommend that you update to the latest TSR Outlook User Agent, which you should be able to get via the latest download link that you received.

For on-premise clients, kindly contact us and we will send you the upgrade.


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We’re looking very much forward to hearing from you.



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