TSR is an important tool for planning and prioritizing our resources for future projects
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New Version of TSR

We’re happy to announce that a new version of TimeSheet Reporter has just been released. The new version is called 5.9.6.
If you’re using the on-premise version, information will be sent to you within the near future.

What’s New?

Some of the new features that have been introduced include

  • Give users a popup warning in the TSR Outlook User Agent, if they are using the wrong credentials, and give them the option to enter the correct ones.
  • Also have the total summarized in the top when using graphical reporting.
  • Users can define which time and date format they want to use, instead of the locale on the computer.

How To Get Started with the New Version

We have already updated the server part, so your WebAdmin is ready.
Since there are also significant improvements to the Outlook User Agent, we highly recommend that you upgrade your TSR Outlook User Agents to the newest version as well.
To get the newest installation kit, please follow the latest download link that you used, or contact us if in doubt.

You can also find standard user guides at https://www.timesheetreporter.com/support, including how to install the agent.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.


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