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Outlook Calendar as Timesheet Reporting Tool – The Best Solution

Outlook Calendar as Timesheet Reporting Tool – The Best Solution

Outlook Calendar as Timesheet Reporting Tool – The Best Solution

Time is the most valuable resource of any thriving organization, especially in today’s competitive business environment. Excellent time management means improved efficiency and profitability. Using Outlook Calendar as timesheet reporting tool is the best time reporting solution that you can possibly get. Read on and find out why.

Timesheet Reporting

Timesheet reporting has never been as important to a business as it is now. It does not matter whether you are a startup company, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, each one processes time in the same way.

With industries evolving all the time, technologies are also becoming more and more cutting-edge than the previous ones. The internet has made it possible for information to travel and communication to happen at a speed that is faster than ever before. If your business can’t keep up with it, then it will really be in trouble.

Taking Advantage of the Functionalities of the Outlook Calendar as Timesheet

Using the Outlook Calendar as timesheet reporting tool is the best thing that you can do for your business right now. The problem with other timesheet reporting applications is that they are too complex to implement and too burdensome to use and understand. This is why they are simply being ignored by users as they perceive them to be time-consuming. Employees would rather finish their primary job tasks than spend days in making a timesheet report.

Even the company’s managers do not want to force their employees to use them because they themselves are being burdened by the process on how to interpret and collate reports. They also have a hard time using the program because of the intricacy of its interface.

All of these issues are solved by an Outlook-based time tracking and reporting application, such as TimeSheet Reporter. Using the Outlook Calendar as timesheet reporting tool is easy. The application is easy to operate and capably meets all the time reporting requirements of any organization.

Benefits of Outlook-Based Time Tracking

Because it is simple to use, employees are encouraged to comply with timesheet reporting policies without much trouble. Managers do not have to nag anyone, and they can also interpret the submitted reports and create their own reports with much ease and speed.

Timesheet reports are generated within seconds, and not hours or days, and they are also standardized to make the process of collating them a breeze.

The company can also use the Outlook Calendar as timesheet management tool for employee time monitoring, project management, employee vacation and sick leave monitoring, as well as the basis for customer invoicing and billing, and corporate report generation.

It is also possible to access the software even when the user is not online or in the field. It can also be integrated with other company systems such as CRM, ERP, and accounting, which can help a lot in making annual reports or comprehensive financial reports.


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