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Outlook Integration with Microsoft Dynamics via TimeSheet Reporter

Outlook Integration Microsoft Dynamics

Outlook Integration Microsoft Dynamics

Outlook Integration with Microsoft Dynamics via TimeSheet Reporter

As organizations grow in size, the number of processes that they encompass and their inherent complexities too grow at a dynamic rate. Managing and streamlining several processes besides managing relationships with all stakeholders is a huge task that requires the use of specialized solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer relationship management (CRM) software. Amongst the popular ERP and CRM software solutions in vogue today is Microsoft Dynamics.

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects and activities directly from your Microsoft Outlook. You can furthermore share this information with your ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics.
This two-way data sharing means that you can easily share projects, organizations and time entries between TimeSheet Reporter and Microsoft Dynamics.

A number of organizations today are looking at improving their productivity by increasing schedule adherence and by incorporating effective time management strategies. ERP systems quite understandably serve this goal by streamlining a host of functions and when used it conjunction with TimeSheet Reporter, a significant improvement is noticed.

Integrate TimeSheet Reporter info via Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics

The key to this integration lies in the TSR DataBridge module that TimeSheet Reporter offers which allows it to engage in a two way data exchange with ERP and CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics. It essentially means that timesheet entries can be easily imported into Microsoft Dynamics and made a part of the larger process tracking system and can be accessed by the management whenever needed. This creates the foundation for an easier decision making process and even improves the accounting process by increasing the accuracy of the invoices raised.

Combining each of these powerful tools provides your organization with the flexibility to manage resources and streamline process communications with ease and accuracy.



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