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Outlook Time Tracking – How To

Both independent consultants and big businesses are often concerned about billing their clients correctly. Any errors in billing would of course mean that the person or business suffers major loss of revenue. Also, shoddy billing practices mean that the client will not be able to trust you and might take their business elsewhere. One of the first priorities of companies therefore seems to be to find a good timesheet reporting tool. However, this is where many seem to fall into the trap of looking for different and new software for the different tasks involved. For example, they might look for a timesheet reporting tool, then a tool that uses the timesheets submitted to compile useful data for the management and an accounting tool that will help in the billing process.

Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook Time Tracking – How To

Most companies overlook the fact that most of their employees are already using one of the most powerful time tracking tools present today – Microsoft Outlook. For a long time, Outlook was regarded merely as a personal information management software. Lately though, Outlook time tracking has really caught on and many employees not only use Outlook calendar for all their scheduling purposes but also to keep track of the smallest of tasks.

Outlook time tracking allows you to do many things. You can very easily track the time that you spend on various activities or projects. An important Outlook time tracking feature is the Outlook calendar. Though this might seem useful to just remind you of when your next appointment or meeting is scheduled for, you can just as easily use it to track the time that you spent in any meeting.

Though it is generally agreed that Outlook is very popular amongst employees, not many thought of using Outlook time tracking as a way of helping employees generate and submit their timesheets. That is, until the advent of TimeSheet Reporter.
TimeSheetReporter builds on the popularity of the Outlook calendar and makes it very easy for employees to submit their timesheets simply through their Outlook calendar. Staff can schedule their meetings or tasks in the calendar as they would normally do and once the task is over, they can simply submit the timesheet rather than log into another system to note down the time. One can only imagine how much time and effort is saved in this entire process!

TimeSheet Reporter does not lose track of the point that supervisors may have to approve or disapprove of the timesheet entries. It therefore provides them with a quick overview of the timesheet entries so that they can quickly approve or disapprove them.

TimeSheet Reporter’s unique ability to combine Outlook time tracking features with more advanced reporting and data collecting has already made it one of the leading timesheet reporting tools in the market today.



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