Outlook Time Tracking: Improving Your Business With Easy Integration

Outlook Time Tracking: Improving Your Business With Easy Integration

Outlook Time Tracking: Improving Your Business With Easy Integration

Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of today’s workforce. With millions of people using the platform, it’s important that an Outlook time tracking solution be implemented to help businesses streamline their time-tracking needs.

Time-tracking is essential for businesses and will among other things:

  • Improve business efficiency among employees.
  • Supply viable data to boost business workflow and efficiency.
  • Allow management to find time leaks where excess time is being spent by employees.

Structured time tracking leads to a workforce that is faster and more efficient. Improving a business’s efficiency leads to the company reaching milestones faster, fulfilling orders faster and generating more profit as a result.

Outlook is one of the most widely used programs in the business world, and time tracking integration improves accuracy for employees and management.

Outlook Time Tracking Features That Allow for Ease-of-Use

Training your staff to use a new time-tracking solution should not take weeks. A small company meeting and demonstration is all that should be needed to get all employees on the right track and using your tracking solution effectively.

Some of the features you would expect to be included are:

  • Reports and Overviews: Users should be able to get an overview of their time entries at a glance. Reports should be able to be generated by management to view time spent on specific tasks as well as compare employee data to see how employees spend their time and on which projects.
  • Security: A safe and secure login is a must. Role-based permissions should be able to be assigned by management to control which features and functionality users have access to at any given time.
  • Notifications: Reminders should be able to be sent to users to remind them to submit time sheets.
  • Outlook Calendar Integration: Using Outlook’s built-in calendar to make appointments and track time usage allows for an easy, fluid way to track time. Submission of all information should be able to be conducted right through the calendar and approved by a supervisor.

Outlook time tracking that includes the above features will allow for your business to transition into time tracking with as little of a learning curve as possible.

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