Outlook Time Tracking Plugin – Here’s What You Want

Outlook Time Tracking Plugin

With the changing landscape of today’s business world, where competition is tougher than ever, time is money – there is simply no denying that fact. And that makes it mandatory for all enterprises around the globe to have a proper time management strategy in place. In other words, embracing an easy to implement and efficient time management policy can make the difference between success and failure; the statement holds true for all businesses regardless of their size and stature in the market. Just like having an adequate time management policy can play a pivotal role in determining the overall efficiency of the workforce as well as the administration of a company, having a well-defined guideline for managing appointments is also equally important. Fortunately for most businesses around the world, Microsoft Outlook together with TimeSheet Reporter has the answer to both these indispensable requirements.

Outlook Time Tracking Plugin - Here’s What You Want

Outlook Time Tracking Plugin – Here’s What You Want

The power of Microsoft Outlook to help businesses efficiently manage their time can be enhanced exponentially by integrating it with a good timesheet reporting software working as an Outlook time tracking plugin, such as TimeSheet Reporter. Such a setup comprising of Microsoft Outlook and an Outlook time tracking plugin like TSR not only enable project managers, team leaders and employees to keep a precise record of their day to day work progress, but it also makes the time reporting task much more time efficient and convenient.

There is another bright side of having Outlook and an Outlook time tracking plugin like TimeSheet Reporter working side by side – this powerful setup also enables users to exploit Outlook’s native appointment management system for timesheet reporting. The built in features of a high-end time reporting utility like TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible for a user to include additional details such as the name of the organization, activity and project name etc. while creating a new appointment in Outlook. All these additional data are saved in the scheduled appointment. As the user clicks submit upon finishing his or her appointments, all details such as time spent on individual projects and the activities associated with each of them, is sent to the supervising team. It is then up to the supervising team to decide whether or not to approve the submitted timesheet report.

Apart from that, the you can also import your existing data from various systems including CRM, ERP and accounting to make the process even simpler, and you can also export from TimeSheet Reporter to these systems, for example time entries. Better still, all the time reporting can be executed right from the MS Outlook window, meaning the user is not even required to switch to and from Outlook in order to maintain his or her timesheet report every time a given task is completed.

These and many other reasons make TimeSheet reporter the best Outlook time tracking plugin, and that enterprises from all over the world prefer this product when it comes to making the best out of their employees’ work hours.


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