Outlook Time Tracking Software: Easy Time Tracking through Outlook

Outlook Time Tracking Software: Easy Time Tracking through Outlook

Outlook Time Tracking Software: Easy Time Tracking through Outlook

You may have heard of the saying that “Time is of the essence”. Everybody knows and understands how important time is. Everyone – from a child to an elderly person – has plans on how they’ll spend their time. No one has plans of wasting their time; they understand that time wasted is time that they’ll never get back.

Time has to be managed properly for a person to make the most out of their time. What can help the most is to use a time tracking tool in conjunction with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Together with a good time reporting solution, MS Outlook can be so much more and can help you get easy time tracking.

Outlook time tracking is what organizations use now to keep tabs of their employees’ timesheets. That’s why aside from the software itself, they also get good time tracking software that integrates with Outlook, to assist them in this seemingly simple task.

Both the tasks of managing time and supervising tasks don’t have to be too complicated for them to be effective. You don’t have to use a lot of systems; after all, the more items used, the more complicated the tasks become, and the more effort is necessary for every employee.

Tracking Time Is a Challenging Task Without Great Time Tracking Software

Keeping track of time records and timesheet reports can be very challenging. Not only does it require patience, it also tends to discourage those who are assigned to do this task as it can be very time consuming without the proper systems. Major efforts are required to be exerted by the employee, and on management’s end, it might sound like they have to do additional work to do the timesheet reporting.

When time is allotted for this seemingly simple task, it tends to take time away from other more important things such as other office work and projects. It affects efficiency and productivity, which is something management and your clients may not be happy about.

It’s therefore really important that you get a solution that makes this task as easy and time efficient as possible. Most organizations today use Microsoft Office and thereby Outlook. Why not take advantage of it and utilize it so that it can be put to good use in your time reporting tasks?

What makes Microsoft Outlook work well with a good time tracking software?

When an employee tracks time through the Microsoft Outlook Calendar together with a time tracking program, the company is able see how much time is spent for every task and if the time is spent productively.

It also makes the employee see for himself if he’s indeed using his time wisely – if he sees that he is staying too long on a particular task or area, he may realize for himself that he needs further additional help or training in that field, or simply needs to refocus.

Microsoft Outlook, together with those software solutions, can also help supervisors with their time tracking tasks as they can easily see who among their employees did and didn’t send in their own timesheets. With a good solution you can also define how many hours each employee needs to report, and send them notifications if they are missing reporting hours.

Microsoft Outlook Time Tracking Functions

Microsoft Outlook has various features that professionals can use to manage time and projects properly. As a professional, time is one of the things that you value the most, and Outlook helps you keep track of it in the most convenient way.

When combining Outlook with a good time tracking solution, for example TimeSheet Reporter, you can then use your appointments as time entries.

Management and employees can all check and review their time entries in this way. Timesheets can be checked – both reviewed and non-reviewed entries. Once employees are done placing their entries, they can submit them to their supervisors for review and approval.

Easy Time Tracking Software helps you manage your time wisely

When you manage your time properly, you’ll have greater chances for higher profits, better staff management, and more quality time spent for the other important things in life such as friends and family.

An organization depends highly on good time management as it can affect profits, success and business relationships. A business will work well with a good time tracking system, and it’s good to have one that will help you in doing the job in the best and most user-friendly way.

You need the missing link

Employees use the calendar in Microsoft Outlook to indicate the time of meetings, tasks and appointments. The calendar can help you track your tasks as it can help you see which tasks have to be accomplished for the day.

MS Outlook has a puzzle piece missing, though – it cannot be used for time reporting out of the box. To solve this, it’s highly recommended to use it together with time tracking software solutions that can help you accomplish this task.

Have reliable software and other plug-ins to help you do the job

Having Microsoft Outlook is good, but having other complimentary software and solutions is even better to help in easy time tracking.

What matters is that you have something to use for easy time tracking, and that your time will is tracked properly and efficiently.

With Microsoft Outlook and a time tracking program such as TimeSheet Reporter, time management will be more efficient, and it’ll help supervisors monitor staff activities better. If a good and user-friendly solution is used, organizations will no longer have to spend much time and effort in having their employees trained for new systems for time tracking as they can simply use their MS Outlook calendar. Definitely, they’ll be comfortable with their calendar as their time tracking tool.

Time Tracking Software: Make productivity a goal

You can see how important something or someone is to a person by the amount of time spent towards it. However, at work, the less time devoted to something, the better. Less time for tasks means more things done in a span of a day, and it equals productivity.

Let productivity be a goal that you intend to meet. If easy time tracking is what will make you meet this goal, then go ahead and find solutions that will make you achieve this objective; not only does it help with your workload, it will make all of you happy with the job you face everyday.


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