Outlook Time Tracking: The Best Way to Track Employee Time

Outlook Time Tracking: The Best Way to Track Employee Time

Outlook Time Tracking: The Best Way to Track Employee Time

You’ve probably heard of thriving companies who have employed time tracking systems and become more successful because of it. You may also want to do the same for yours and implement a reliable, state-of-the-art time reporting tool, but think it is too costly and your company does not have enough funds for it. But have you ever thought about that the most effective time tracking tool is really affordable and will actually give you a lot of monetary savings?

Time tracking via the Microsoft Outlook Calendar is perhaps the best way for you to monitor your employee’s time. Because of its simplicity and practicality, there are actually many advantages in using the Outlook Calendar for your company’s time management needs.

First of all, the Outlook Calendar is a regular program that is normally installed on almost all professional company computers together with other essential office programs, which means that your users are already very familiar with using it.

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to enhance your Outlook, so that you can report hours via your Outlook appointments.

The foundation of your timesheet reporting system is thus already set up, so all you have to do is just make some minor modifications to customize the program to cater all of your business requirements. There is no need to buy an additional server or upgrade your internet connection speed or anything the like. This will give your company a lot of savings while still enjoying a reliable time reporting tool.

Another way that the program can generate savings for your company is that it does not need for you to make your employees undergo a special training just to be able to utilize Outlook time tracking. Because most of them, if not all, are already familiar with the program, they can immediately start using it once it is formally implemented. Some of them may already be time tracking in Outlook for their own individual time management needs so the process of integrating it into daily office procedures can really be seamless. Without the interruption of any training time, the company will not only save money from training costs but neither from lost employee time.

The employees themselves will also benefit from such a common and easy to use time reporting software. Given that they are already familiar with the Calendar, they will not have a difficult time crafting their timesheet reports. The new time tracking policy will not feel like an additional workload or an added burden to their already dynamic work day, and will be embraced and easily complied with by everyone.

Furthermore, they do not have to cram or work overtime just to beat report deadlines as Outlook time tracking is done in the same way that they are working on their personal schedules. They simply include all the necessary information about their work tasks to the Calendar and voila! Reports are automatically generated in a standard template, and are instantly ready for submission to their supervisors or managers.

Knowing how they spend their office hours can also do a lot to boost the morale of your employees. When your staff knows that they are being productive and that they are not wasting any time, their self-confidence improves.

After experiencing that initial feeling of success and self-worth, it will translate into their transformed attitudes, actions, and behaviors. They would want to do it over and over again, making them experience more successes and lifting their spirits up even higher and higher. Of course, when employees feel satisfied and fulfilled, eventually the results will only be positive for the company in all aspects.

Your company managers, supervisors, and other team leaders will also benefit from time tracking in Outlook. For one, it is easier to manage people who are motivated, happy, and working at their best. Plus, they will actually report their time and not continually postpone it.

When it comes to consolidating timesheet reports, it will be easier for them as well. Since the outputs are all standardized, reading the reports will be less stressful and they can quickly come up with solutions if ever there were any issues discovered. Aside from that, they can also create their own timesheet reports much quicker and submit them on time to the company’s officers and executives.

Enhanced Outlook time tracking

Fortunately, there is a company existing today that offer such enhanced Outlook time tracking software as mentioned above. The solution is TimeSheet Reporter.

Employees will still enjoy the inherent familiarity with Outlook, since TSR builds on this. In fact, it will feel like using an updated version of Outlook with new additional features, kind of similar to the way people feel when upgrading to the latest mobile or smart phone.

They will have an easy time generating reports, and with TimeSheet Reporter the reports created are more comprehensive and substantial. All the information necessary for team leaders to assess the status of operations is included without burdening the report creators and interpreters themselves.

The solution also allows users to use it even without internet connection. For example, if a field technician had just finished working on a specific service, he or she can immediately update his timesheet report using his mobile phone. He or she can also update their time entries via Outlook, even when offline, and upon coming back to the office, the program will sync itself as there is internet connection again.

One more advantage of this enhanced Outlook time tracking tool is that it can be linked to critical company systems such as accounting, ERP, and CRM, or simply Excel. Integrating timesheet reports to these systems can create significant improvements on the entire company operations that will be felt by the people who matters most – the customers.

When you have the best time tracking software in your hands, the possibilities are endless and there is no denying that your company will be on its way to become one of the most successful and sustainable in its industry.


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