Outlook Time Tracking – Tips for Helping Improve Time Tracking Within the Workplace

Outlook Time Tracking – Tips for Helping Improve Time Tracking Within the Workplace

Outlook Time Tracking – Tips for Helping Improve Time Tracking Within the Workplace

The concept of time tracking in the work place is far from new, but what is new, are the numerous different tools and pieces of technology now currently available to us. Time tracking systems for example, are thriving in today’s economy, and considering the fact that they help to save money, increase productivity, prevent human error, boost morale, and make life easier for all who use them, it’s pretty easy to understand why that is.
Outlook time tracking for example, is proving especially useful as you can essentially use numerous features of Outlook, to help benefit your business.
Here we’ll be looking at Outlook time tracking by focussing on a few tips for improving time tracking within the workplace, for scenarios in which a time tracking system has been implemented.

Remind employees to log their time

If you decide to take the plunge into the modern business world and decide to opt for a piece of time tracking software, to begin with it will require a little getting used to, which could make life in the workplace pretty tricky. If you’re using Outlook time tracking with TimeSheet Reporter, which can be integrated with the Outlook calendar for example, you can then send out reminders to your employees, reminding them to always log their time. As it is new and out of the ordinary, some staff members might sometimes forget. By sending reminders you help them get into the habit of logging their time, and before you know it, it will be like second nature to them.

Simplify it

This is one of the main reasons why Outlook time tracking software is proving so popular and beneficial, because Outlook itself is extremely user-friendly. To help ensure that your employees, and you too for that matter, get on especially well with your system, you will want to ensure that you make it as simple as you possibly can, which again, is where you may wish to consider integrating with Outlook. You should take the time to find systems that aren’t overly-complicated or too complex, that are clear to use and understand, and extremely user-friendly in the process. Look for features which employees may be able to make use of themselves, such as offline access or web access, for when staff members aren’t in the office maybe.

Provide basic training

The idea behind time tracking systems is to save time, be more productive, get better control, and make life easier for all involved, so the quicker everybody gets used to how the systems work, the quicker life will become easier for all involved. If you decide to go with a new time tracking solution in your workplace, consider offering basic training to your employees, so that they can learn exactly how the software works, what it entails, how they can use it, and why it is so beneficial to them. If they have questions regarding how it works, during this training, these questions can easily be answered.

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