Outlook Time Tracking with TimeSheet Reporter

Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook time tracking is now possible with TimeSheet Reporter (TSR).
TSR makes it possible to do your time tracking on organizations, projects and activities directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook Time Tracking with TimeSheet Reporter

A serious challenge for many organizations today is to have proper time registration in place, and if you are looking to solve this challenge then this might be
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Timesheet Reporting can be a very challenging and time consuming task. With some of the tools available today, employees don’t like doing the reporting, and management doesn’t like to constantly remind their staff to do their time reporting.

TimeSheet Reporter have a solution, which can not only simplify things for you, but actually increase your profits and productivity as well as enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

TimeSheet Reporter makes Outlook time tracking possible

Most organizations today use Outlook as their calendar system. TimeSheet Reporter builds on that, and makes it possible to use your Microsoft Outlook calendar for time tracking purposes.
When creating an appointment in Outlook, you can now also add an organization, project and activity, defined by you, and include this information in the appointment. When the task is done, you can simply submit it via the Outlook calendar. A supervisor can then either approve or reject the appointment. That’s it! Outlook time tracking cannot be any simpler than this.

TimeSheet Reporter furthermore makes it possible to share this information from your Outlook time tracking with your other systems, such as accounting, ERP, CRM, etc. You can also import information from these sources as well. In this way you can keep working on your existing projects and organizations without having to create them all over again.

If you like what you’ve read so far on this page about Outlook time tracking, check out the rest of the website for a free trial as well as videos showing TSR in action.



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