Outlook Timesheet – Fortifying Your Time Tracking System

Outlook Timesheet – Fortifying Your Time Tracking System

Outlook Timesheet – Fortifying Your Time Tracking System

It is good that the Microsoft Outlook Calendar is available for everyone. With this function, together with a good time tracking solution, timesheet reporting has never been easier.

After reading this article, you will have a good idea of what impact a timesheet tracking addon for your Outlook calendar can bring to your business.


The Outlook calendar is a great tool, and can be enhanced further by add-ons, such as TimeSheet Reporter, which makes it possible to report time via Outlook. You may also need to do timesheet reporting while online, offline, or on the road, or there’s a need to use a web interface so everyone can manually view and edit entries made by all employees.

If these are your specific needs, you will need something more than the Outlook Calendar. Get a time tracking system that uses Outlook as its basis and builds upon it. This Outlook timesheet solution should be easily customized to suit your needs.

Reporting and History

Another advantage to enjoy from a time tracking system as this, is its ability to store time sheets in one system for all your employees. With all data stored in a single location, you wouldn’t find it hard to generate reports. You can easily access the data, retrieve them and send them, to managers, to special groups, to departments, or to everyone in the company. The reporting features should be available within the system.

Sharing Data with Other Systems

When selecting a timesheet reporting system, you should get one that makes it possible to share data, both ways, with your other systems you might be using, for example Excel, CRM and ERP. In this way you can for example easily create invoices based on your time entries, created individually as an Outlook timesheet.

Reminders to Employees on Timesheet Submission

It’s not funny for anybody, when certain employees are always late with their timesheets, neither for the employee or the manager. To reduce or perhaps eliminate this problem among your own employees, you can make use of the reminder function that should be available in the timesheet reporting system. With the system, you can easily see who among your employees have already submitted their timesheets and who are delayed.

With a few clicks in the system, you will be able to send the necessary reminder to everyone who needs it.

Improving Revenues with an Outlook Timesheet

Since an Outlook timesheet makes time tracking more accurate and on time, it can really help your company improve revenue. The system will enable you to determine unproductive hours on the part of your employees. Wasted hours mean wasted money and even lost revenue.

It will also help you determine which hours are productive, and make sure that you focus on those areas.

With the software, you will be able to gain control on how your employees make use of their time and make the necessary adjustments. You can then become proactive and make use of your resources more efficiently, and thereby make you company more profitable. All this with a good Outlook timesheet solution.


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