Outlook Timesheet – What It Is and How It Can Help

Outlook Timesheet – What It Is and How It Can Help

Outlook Timesheet – What It Is and How It Can Help

Most professional organizations, of all sizes, need the help of Microsoft Outlook timesheet solutions to aid their staff in time tracking tasks. Tracking time, whether it’s for internal projects or billable client-projects, can be a daunting task; however, it is important that you gain control over it. Office staff oftentimes become so busy that they may not recall their activities during the day. This may be highly frustrating as lost time means lost money and control.

For most organizations, good time tracking software can help them tone down several problems that may be encountered when they attempt to track hours. Keeping time and charging clients correctly is very important in running a profitable company. However, conventional timesheet reporting may be labor intensive and quite tedious. Timekeeping also entails hours of administrative time, which can take staff away from more productive and important tasks.

TimeSheet Reporter – An Outlook Timesheet Solution

TimeSheet Reporter is a Microsoft Outlook timesheet solution that can aid companies in their time tracking tasks. The program is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook and makes it very easy for staff and management to prepare project and timesheet deliverables in Outlook and reporting them to a centralized system.

The product is a time reporting solution for organizations of all sizes and types to work on, plan, and execute project activities and prepare timesheets in Microsoft Outlook. It can add an advantage to Microsoft Office Calendar to track time geared towards clients, projects, or any entity your company needs so that the administration can prepare payroll, attendance, billing, or cost estimation reports.

Due to the flawless integration of the Microsoft Outlook timesheet solution, what is maximized is user-friendliness; hence, costs and training time are minimized. The reporting procedure for work done is streamlined for everyone in the office, which results in a highly scalable and accurate solution for the company.

How does TimeSheet Reporter work? Nowadays, most employees find the Microsoft Outlook Calendar indispensable. TimeSheet Reporter builds on that and makes it easy to do timesheet reporting on activities, projects, and organizations using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. When one creates an appointment, one can also choose an appropriate activity, project, and organization, and have these bits of information in the appointment. One may then click the submit button when one has accomplished the week, day or appointment, and the time spend on different activities and projects are registered. After that, the Microsoft Outlook timesheet reporting can be rejected or approved by a supervisor.

The information can be used in tasks like billing and project management. You can easily share data to and from TimeSheet Reporter with your other systems, for example ERP, or simply Excel.

With TimeSheet Reporter, organizations can track their time efficiently and easily.


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