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Outlook Timesheets

Outlook Timesheets

Outlook Timesheets

A while back timesheets found their usage in organizations primarily for the purposes of determining employees’ payrolls, and in some cases, for billing clients. So, as one could probably guess, the task of timesheet management was fairly simple back in those days and could also be handled manually. Fast forward a few years, and there came the time when businesses finally realized how easy it would be for their day-to-day operations if they segmented a given project into several tasks and assigned a timesheet for each individual task associated with it. The concept was indeed a revolutionary one in terms of raising the productivity and efficiency levels of the workforce in any organization.

So subsequently, the business world witnessed the deployment of more complicated timesheets, aimed at simplifying the operations of an organization in every possible way. The modern-day timesheets not only come in handy with client billing and payroll calculations, but also on a lot of other fronts such as evaluating the progress of a project, estimating the project costs, as well as in carrying out the overall project management.

Outlook Timesheets

Needless to say, it would take a lot of precious time on the part of employees to manage such a complicated and massive collection of timesheets on their own, in the traditional way. But thankfully, as the demand for dedicated applications with the ability to effectively manage timesheets increased; a wide range of timesheet reporting systems were introduced into the market- each with their own approach towards rescuing workers from the daunting task.

The more practical and technologically advanced ones amongst these applications, such as TimeSheet Reporter (or simply the TSR) were introduced as an add-on to massively popular Microsoft Outlook.

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible for you to create Outlook timesheets. With TimeSheet Reporter you can report time on organizations, projects and activities directly from your Outlook calendar, thus creating Outlook timesheets.

This highly capable Outlook timesheets system exploits the Outlook calendar and works as a perfect tool for timesheet reporting. What reallt sets TSR apart is its sheer ability to operate without even requiring the users to move out of the Outlook calendar – you can now create Outlook timesheets there.



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