Overview Of Your Work Hours In A Year With The Help Of Secure Timesheets

Overview Of Your Work Hours In A Year With The Help Of Secure Timesheets

Overview Of Your Work Hours In A Year With The Help Of Secure Timesheets

With the current state of the economy and marketplace, it is now more important than ever for employers to know exactly where their money is being spent and exactly how it is being spent. In addition to this, organization and good planning have always been keys to success. Sure, it is true that with the advancement of technology there are now a variety of different workplace tools that can assist you in the day-to-day operations of your business and help with productivity. That being said, you will not find anything more resourceful than a good time tracking software and here is what this software can do for you.

Secure Timesheets that Integrate With Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a widely utilized tool in the workplace. In fact, most professional businesses utilize this software. This is completely understandable, as Outlook is totally reliable, dependable, and even easier to operate. And, if they don’t use Outlook there is a good chance that their employees already know how to operate it from using it on their home computers or in previous workplaces.

This is one of the aspects that really make good time tracking software great. The right time tracking software will sync right up with your Outlook and your employees won’t even need any extra training to learn how to adapt to it. This could help get you organized, while saving you thousands of dollars on training.

Optimize Your Use of Resources

If you really want to make your company stand out amongst the competition and shine for your customers, you need to be organized. Everything needs to be running like a well-oiled machine. This is exactly where the right time tracking software can come in handy. Not only will you be able to easily and quickly assess how long it is taking on certain projects and what employees are assigned to those projects, but this will give you the ability to easily evaluate the situation.

For instance, if you have a super-important project that is running behind, you can easily look at another project that might be ahead of schedule and pull resources from it. This will not only save you money and get the job done faster, but it will make you look good in front of the customer. Simply put, the right time tracking software can provide you with a clear overview of what is going on throughout your company at all times, as well as giving you the clear ability to adjust and tweak resources here and there when needed.
At the end of the year, you can also pull a report on all work hours in a year and use that for your resource planning for the coming year.

Take Control Of All Projects With Secure Timesheets

If you are running a large corporation that has several different projects running at one time, it can be truly hard to keep track of them all. This is not to even mention the other daily tasks that you have to complete. Sure, you probably have project managers that you can count on to handle things, but you still need to know what is going on within your company at all times. And, time tracking software can give you this ability. With the ability to quickly and easily pull secure timesheets from your entire workforce, you can effectively see what projects are currently up and running, which projects are complete, and you can even view the projects that are behind schedule.

Maybe you have two of the same type projects going at once and one team seems to be way ahead of schedule, while the other is lagging behind. When you have this kind of information you can step in and see what is going on. Maybe one team is rushing, while the other team is taking their time to go above and beyond. Whatever the situation is in your workplace, with the right software you will literally be able to step in and take control of all the projects or just monitor them from afar.

Improve The Work Hours In A Year By Making Employees Happier

Whether you are running a smaller company or a fortune 500 Corporation, your success depends on many factors. Many of these factors are your employees. They are the ones that are driving the workforce, communicating with the customers on a daily basis, and doing the legwork. If your employees aren’t being productive how do you expect to run a successful and tight ship? You can’t, and that is why it is always important to keep your employees happy. In fact, if you read any of the recent statistics or reports, you will easily see that happy employees are always more productive. But, how can timesheet software keep employees happy?

Well, for one this software can let you know which employees are actually out there putting in the extra time and work to accomplish these tasks that make your business successful. Maybe you have an employee that stays behind everyday to complete much-needed works, while other employees are clocking out and going home. This will let you know which employees that you can reward and rely on in certain situations. Rewarding these employees for their hard work will only make them happier and willing to work even harder for you. Maybe you can promote the more productive employees or make them a project manager.

Access Standard Reports Any Time

As the manager of an organization, whether small or large, it is safe to assume that you have lots of reports that get passed by your desk each day. Maybe you have to review some of these reports or maybe you have to sign off on them. Whatever the situation is, there is probably a good chance that you waste valuable time trying to syphon through the reports just looking for the crucial information that you need. While the other information might be relevant to some individuals, it really isn’t what you need to know in order to do your job.

Well, this is where a good time tracking software can assist you, as you can completely customize and pull reports any time of the day. If you want your reports to include certain information, all you have to do is set it up to contain that information. So, when you pull your reports you will literally only have all the information that you need right in front of you. This will not only make you more productive, but it could potentially save you a lot of hours every month. In addition to this, certain solutions will let you assign their reports in a bar graph or pie graph format, which will make them more interesting and easier on the eyes.

Assigning Certain Roles To Prioritized Individuals

Wouldn’t you like to be able to control whoever has access to the data in your network? Do you only want you team managers or high-ranking supervisors to be able to pull secure timesheets? Maybe you want to be the only individual with this ability. Whatever the situation is, good time reporting software can give you this ability. You will be able to go into the software and assign different roles to individuals. This could come in extremely handy on the day when you are out of the office and just don’t have the time to pull the necessary reports. You can assign your assistant manager or supervisor the ability to pull the reports and keep an eye on the projects while you are away.

Always Keep The System Safe And Secure

Regardless, if you are running a small operation or a big one it is imperative that your network stays safe, secure, and uncompromised at all times. Along with this, you want your employees to feel safe and secure when they are utilizing the network as well. And, they will when you assign them their very own usernames and passwords. The best time tracking software programs on the market will give you the ability to setup each and every one of your employees with their very own personal logins and passwords. Along with this, the software will utilize what is known as a secure socket layer encryption (SSL).

This SSL will just ensure that all your employee’s information is safe and secure, while they are on the network. They will literally never have to worry about someone taking advantage of their personal or work information from their workstations.

Pull Reports And Stay Updated With Your Smartphone Devices

Smartphones and tablets are other devices that have become completely necessary in the workplace. Not only are employees using these devices to communicate more effectively with each other, but also they are using them to easily and quickly access information. Well, the great thing about some of the best timesheet reporting software programs is that they sync right up with a variety of smartphone manufactures. This can come in extremely handy in the event that you are away from your Outlook and need to report your time.

You can simply pull out your smartphone, access the time tracking software, and report your time on the same projects, etc. as from your work terminal. This could even be more beneficial to the individuals with the abilities to pull reports, because they could always have access to what is going on inside the workplace. In the event that you are out of the office or stuck in meetings all day, you could still have some control over important projects.

So if you want secure timesheets and an easy way to see how your projects are moving along, and how your company’s work hours in a year have been spent, this is the way to go about it.

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