Paid Time Off Tracking – How to Do It Properly

Paid Time Off Tracking – How to Do It Properly

Paid Time Off Tracking – How to Do It Properly

TimeSheet Reporter, which is integrated within the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, can be an employee’s best friend when it comes to paid time off tracking. The program prides on being user-friendly and no training is needed to use the program. If you can use Outlook you can use TimeSheet Reporter. When you create an appointment in Outlook, you simple add some extra information with TSR, and the appointment now works as a timesheet.

It is also possible to report time via a web interface, and users with the correct privileges can also report time for other users. This may be valuable when employees are on sick leave or if they have just forgotten to do their paid time off tracking before leaving the office for a vacation.

Paid Time Off Tracking with TimeSheet Reporter

Why are organizations using TimeSheet Reporter? The program promises to be an efficient and less time consuming solution for a company. The program is for companies and organizations to simplify their timesheet reporting and save on resources and time. The program also helps companies in a way that they become stronger, more efficient, and more competitive. These companies do not need to spend a lot of time, money, resources and energy to report their working time and time off.

With TimeSheet Reporter, a company can also enable their staff to report time while they are offline or on the road. Moreover, all the paid time off tracking and timesheet reporting processes are done using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. With this program, management and staff are benefitted equally. How?

Employees nowadays utilize the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. TSR builds on that and enables one to use the calendar to aid in reporting timesheet tasks and even days off, doctor visits, vacations, etc. When making an appointment, one can also fill in pertinent user-defined information like the organization, activity, and project. When having finished the appointment, one may click the ‘submit’ button. The information submitted may then be approved or disapproved by the project’s supervisor.

TimeSheet Reporter offers a lot of advantages for management and the regular users. The program enables the organization to be more competitive and agile. Besides reporting time via Outlook, one can also manually or automatically share and integrate data with the company’s CRM, ERP, accounting, and other vital systems, or simply Excel.

Other benefits of TimeSheet Reporter are that users can easily view time spent. An example of this is paid time off tracking and reporting. Another advantage is getting standard reports. Login to the program is also secure and safe. One can also access the program on the road and even when offline. In short, work using the TimeSheet Reporter can be maximized, and make your paid time off tracking easy for everybody in the business.


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