Press Release – TimeSheet Reporter Launches New Version: Now Hosted by Microsoft

TimeSheet Reporter, the leading software company providing time reporting software, and makes it possible to report time via the Microsoft Outlook calendar, has just launched a new version. Among the new features is that it is hosted by Microsoft.

New Release, New Features

TimeSheet Reporter is one of the most innovative companies within the timesheet reporting software industry, making timesheet reporting via Outlook possible. The company has always been a leader in this field and the latest version underlines this position.

The new version of TimeSheet Reporter includes a lot of great features, including smartphone support, better reporting, and a lot of other functionalities and improvements.

Now Hosted by Microsoft

TimeSheet Reporter comes in two versions: An on-premise version, where the customer hosts everything themselves. It also comes as a hosted version where TimeSheet Reporter hosts the server part. And this part is now hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure.

CEO, Thomas Testmann says: “That essentially means that Microsoft is now hosting TSR. This among other things means more uptime, more stability and faster response time. It also underlines our close ties with Microsoft to ensure you get a great product experience.”

TimeSheet Reporter is among the top timesheet reporting solutions out there and intend to keep that position, and keep delivering the best possible solutions for their clients.

More Information about TimeSheet Reporter

For more information about TimeSheet Reporter, please visit, where you can watch videos of it in action and also get a free trial, as well as more information.
TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to use your Outlook calendar appointments as timesheet entries, thus making it possible to report time via Outlook, and also share this data with other programs and systems.


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