Press Release: TimeSheet Reporter May Soon Also Support Outlook for Mac and Web

After the success of their time tracker tool for Outlook on Windows, TSR is working on new and innovative versions that may be compatible with both Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Web.

Denmark, March, 2021 (TimeSheet Reporter) – TimeSheet Reporter is a wonderful way to track time within MS Outlook. This unique tool was created to help employees get the most out of MS Outlook as a calendar system and be more productive as a result. However, the currently-available version only works for Outlook on Windows.  Now, the creators of the tool are working on a new version – one that besisdes Outlook for Windows may also support Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Web. Both versions are expected to hit the market soon!

Why Should You be Reporting Time in Outlook?

MS Outlook is a popular calendar tool for organizations – it helps employees and supervisors alike stay on track and plan their activities accordingly. However, even though Outlook is a great calendar in and of itself, it doesn’t really offer more than that. 

“If you want to learn, for instance, the time you or your team spends on a specific project, or compare time spent on different projects, Outlook alone won’t let you do that,” says Thomas Testmann from TimeSheet Reporter. “If you need to time track this way, it makes a huge difference in how productive your organization actually is.”

The reporting features of Outlook itself are quite limited, which means it cannot track time on its own. There is a duration feature available, but it isn’t very useful since Outlook cannot make direct calculations on it. For detailed reports that you can truly analyze, you would need to use Excel or VBA programming. Both these options are time-consuming and defeat the time-saving benefits of time tracking itself! This is why you need an add-in tool like TimeSheet Reporter.

“TimeSheet Reporter gives you easy-to-analyze overviews of time spent on different activities. These reports can be viewed by users and administrators alike, allowing them to get an overview of their productivity,” says Testmann. “Supervisors can also use the administration module to approve time entries for their employees.” 

TimeSheet Reporter to Bring Time Tracking to Outlook for Mac and Web 

When TSR’s unique Outlook add-in was released for Windows, they actually expected it to become so popular. But the response is understandable; TimeSheet Reporter is user-friendly, fast, and doesn’t affect the way employees already use Outlook. Organizations that use TimeSheet Reporter can register and save many hours of productive time per employee each month!

“We began by releasing a single version of the add-in, working with Outlook for Windows,” says Thomas Testmann from TSR, “which has been really successful. After many years with great feedback from our clients, we think it’s only fair that we release newer versions to cater to Outlook for Mac and Web users as well!”

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