Project Management Outlook 101

If one were to ask about the most important feature that contributes to successful project management, it would undoubtedly be proper planning of the project. This involves proper planning of the resources available to the organization and their optimum utilization. One has to look at human resources planning as well as planning the scope, cost and schedule of the project. A good project management outlook would ensure that there is a strong monitoring process in place that oversees and manages the tasks allotted to others so that they are completed successfully and on time.

Project Management Outlook

Project Management Outlook 101

Project Management Outlook 101

It is important for any project manager to bear in mind that any project team consists of a number of individuals who are in charge of different tasks necessary to complete the project successfully. Starting from the project manager who has the chief responsibility for planning, controlling and executing the project to the team that actually executes the plan. In addition, there are other stakeholders like the customers or clients who help in defining the main project and then refining the final scope. The senior management approves the deliverables of the project and the cost allotted in completing the project. However, the challenge of setting adequate milestones and executing the project in time is finally that of the project manager and the team working on the various tasks.

One valuable project management outlook tip is to spend some time explaining the task to each team member so that they clearly understand their role and what their chief responsibility in the project is. This would also include setting regular milestones that they have to focus on. Having a clear project management outlook will ensure that as a project manager, one provides team members with a sense of clarity about the tasks they have been assigned and the time given to complete them.

Another requirement of a good project management outlook would be to have an efficient communication plan that ensures a clear flow of information from the team members to the project manager. This will help the project manager keep track of the ongoing progress of the project as also avoid any misunderstandings or delays.

Project Management Outlook – The Solution

There are a number of project management tools that will aid a project manager in implementing the right project management outlook. However, the key to successfully managing a project is finding that one tool that can help in the most important stages of the project management lifecycle – time management and effective communication.
TimeSheet Reporter is a unique tool that combines the above features of efficient project management outlook and gives project managers as well as team members the power to control and monitor projects from the easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook interface.

TimeSheet Reporter integrates with the existing infrastructure of any organization making it easy for employees and for project managers to communicate effectively. Users do not have to learn any new applications – they can simply use their existing Microsoft Outlook calendar to send in information about their task once they are done with it. Supervisors and project managers have the advantage that they can get standard reports using TimeSheet Reporter to make sure that the project is on track and is proceeding as planned.


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