Project Time Tracking in Outlook

Project Time Tracking in Outlook

Project Time Tracking in Outlook

In order for companies to remain a step ahead of the competition, they will often be forced to take on projects that are going to stretch their resources to the limit. Without the proper amount of planning and controls in place, deadlines may be missed and future business lost. Ensuring that each project on the books gets done on time and within budget is a must for these types of business, and that usually means having the best employees juggling a number of different projects at any given time. Planning using the calendar in Outlook is a method used by many of these employees, however, to get the full benefits you also want to build on that and do project time tracking in Outlook.

Make Project Time Tracking in Outlook as Easy to Use as Possible

The problem that companies face when they have employees using the Microsoft Outlook calendar and a separate time reporting system, is that the information has to be entered twice. The employee notes all of their time planned and spent in the calendar, which they then collect and enter manually into another timesheet program, and then pass it on to a supervisor for the final thumbs up or down.
This can all be streamlined into a simple process by choosing time tracking software that offers Outlook integration, as well as supervisor approval.

While those features are certainly a great start, they may not be enough to make the whole process totally smooth from start to finish. Make it as easy as possible on your employees by using software that comes with additional features, such as smartphone access, and the ability to input information online and offline. The easier it is for employees to submit their time for each project, the more likely they will have it available in a timely fashion.

Clients Will Benefit from Project Time Tracking in Outlook

When a client chooses you to complete their project, they want to know that their work is getting the attention they feel it deserves. The right time tracking software will help you achieve this by allowing you to put together detailed reports that show how much time has been devoted to a specific project, as well as how many people are on the job. If you can show the client that you have your people working on a project in the appropriate manner, that is a customer that is very likely going to come back for more in the future.

While your goal should always be to deliver a great product or service to the customer, you also want to be able to do so in a way that benefits your business. That generally means creating a process that allows for the greatest possible return on investment. When you have employees thinking more about the project than the time it takes to enter what they have been doing up to that point, you create greater productivity. A productive employee is a happy one, because they are doing the work they love, and when that happens, you are pretty much guaranteed that the finished project will be done to near perfection. The right time tracking software is that catalyst for all of that good stuff, and can be done via a solution like TimeSheet Reporter that allows project time tracking in Outlook.

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