Qualities of an Effective Timesheet Program

Qualities of an Effective Timesheet Program

Qualities of an Effective Timesheet Program

A timesheet program is an essential part of a company as it ensures that workers are productive, processes are streamlined, and all projects and tasks are completed on time and in the right way. Without a suitable time tracking system, a company will be in chaos, with poor daily operations that will result in substandard products and services.

Importance of a Timesheet Program

An effective time reporting system will improve your organization’s employee efficiency and operational excellence – two factors that greatly influence the success of a business in terms of financial bottomline and customer service quality.

Proper time monitoring will also allow your company to reduce its labor and technical losses, generating a lot of savings to be used for further improvements.

However, not all timesheet programs are created equal. Some are effective and user-friendly while others are not. Here are some qualities that you need to look for in an effective timesheet program:

1. Proficiency

When selecting a time reporting solution, it’s extremely important that you find a solution that will be easy for the users to use and at the same time provide you with the results you need in the form of accurate time reporting, great reports, flexibility and more.

2. User-friendliness

User-friendliness is an equally important quality. Even when you have the most modern and highly advanced time management system, if it is not usable and too complex, then company employees will not be able to use it properly, or they will just disregard and not use it at all.
In a lot of cases, even then, this will still not guarantee that everyone will comply as they may find it more burdensome than beneficial.

An effective system should therefore be user-friendly and based on a platform that your users are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Outlook.

3. Adaptability

Finally, the main function of a timesheet program is to track employee time for proper compensation and to generate accurate billings for customers as well as track time on other projects. It should also be easy to integrate with existing company systems such as accounting, ERP, and CRM, or simply Excel. This capability is a bonus as it can produce all-inclusive reports that are highly useful for the company’s leaders to work on.

Enhanced Outlook-based Time Reporting System

The good news is that all of these qualities are found in a time reporting system that is based on the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The Outlook Calendar is enhanced with a supplemental software that is able to accommodate all the complex business requirements of an organization without making it hard for users to apply it to their daily routine. Indeed, this Outlook-based timesheet program will be a benefit for both management and staff alike. And such a solution is – you guessed it – TimeSheet Reporter.

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