Simple Time Tracking – The Benefits

Simple Time Tracking - The Benefits

Simple Time Tracking – The Benefits

Time tracking is a crucial part of modern businesses. From small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations, a reliable and simple time tracking software brings a lot of advantages to any kind of organization.

When time spent by employees on work-related tasks, special projects, or services are accurately logged and reported, it creates a huge positive impact on the financial bottomline. How? Accurate and prompt timesheet reports affect a company’s employee and operational efficiency, service excellence, and corporate brand and reputation, all of which directly influence revenue. That’s how important timesheet monitoring really is.

Problems from Complicated Timesheet Software

While there are lots of time tracking options available today, most of them are too complex and too difficult for a typical office worker to use and understand. Because of this, most employees spend a whole day or several days creating a single timesheet report that is decent enough to submit to their team leaders. Others just ignore the timesheet policy altogether because it becomes an added load or burden.

The worst part is that it causes internal turmoil among office managers and their staff because they are being forced to submit reports that are very hard to create.

Another disadvantage of complicated timesheet software is that it is less cost-effective for the company itself. Imagine spending thousands of dollars and countless training hours on your employees just to teach them one time tracking system. You do not only lose so much money in terms of training, but also lose valuable employee time that should have been used for more profitable endeavors.

The Solution: Simple Time Tracking using Outlook-Based Software

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a common application that normally comes pre-installed on most modern computers. It is actually commonly used as a personal time management software in homes and offices, so you can be sure that your employees are already familiar with it.

To make the Calendar more functional and allow it to cater to your organizational needs, an add-on software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, is integrated with it. This integration does not take away the simplicity and familiarity of the Outlook Calendar, but it increases its effectiveness and accuracy in a lot of ways.

Because of the simplicity and user-friendliness of this enhanced Outlook-based timesheet system, your company does not need to spend so much money, time, and energy in training your staff to implement it. A simple half hour orientation will do.

Your managers will not have to force anyone to comply with making the reports as well. Because it is easy to incorporate with daily office tasks, employees will soon experience the inherent benefits of the system and will be motivated to keep on using it.

Everybody will be happy, including the company owners, team leaders, employees, and even the customers as well. All because of this Outlook-based system for simple time tracking.

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