Small Business Time Tracking Software – Here Is What You Need

Small Business Time Tracking Software – Here Is What You Need

Small Business Time Tracking Software – Here Is What You Need

Having an efficient time tracking system is beneficial, especially for small businesses that rely mostly on employee time for consistent income, but also for companies that need to track time on internal projects and processes (including leave). However, even though small business time tracking software is primarily used for tracking employee time, there are more benefits to it than that.

Time tracking software is also utilized to easily generate timesheet reports and be the basis of customer invoices, manage special projects, increase employee productivity and operational efficiency, and streamline business processes. If you would notice, all these things are generally related to increasing a company’s financial bottomline.

However, not all time tracking programs are created equal. Most are highly complex and confusing to use so that it can actually cause more harm than good. Employees simply ignore complicated timesheet reporting because it becomes a burden added to their already hectic schedules.

The Best Small Business Time Tracking Software

The best time tracking and reporting program for small businesses should be functional, useful, and efficient, but also simple and user-friendly at the same time. If you implement a system that is going to be cumbersome for its users, no matter how functional it is, the execution will not be a success.

In finding the right time tracker for your company, you can begin with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The Outlook Calendar is a familiar program that is typically pre-installed in most office computers together with the other popular office applications such as text and spreadsheet processors. However, using Outlook alone may not be able to cater the special needs of your business.

The solution to that is to have supplemental software to integrate with the Outlook Calendar. By supplementing the Calendar with add-on software, you can keep its simplicity but also enhance its proficiency. This will allow your small organization to fully experience the benefits of having an effective time management system. Such a solution is TimeSheet Reporter, which allows you to track time via your Outlook appointments.

Benefits of the Enhanced Outlook Calendar

There are many benefits to this improved version of the Outlook Calendar. One of them is that it can readily generate standardized and comprehensive timesheet reports. As long as your workers could keep their timesheet data updated (which is very easy to do), a simple click of a button will automatically create a thorough report that is ready to be submitted to your team leaders.

When you can obtain valuable timesheet data regularly, you and your staff will be able to develop new ways to streamline your business operations and improve employee efficiency. Indeed, this small business time tracking software can help your company become more sustainable and thriving right away.


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