Sneak Peak at the Coming Version of TSR

We are currently working hard to finish the coming version of TSR. It’s going to include a lot of exciting features, which we are sure that you’ll love.
The new version is expected to be released in June/July, so stay tuned…

Below are some of the features that will be included:

  • Mobile Web Interface for Smartphones
    The TSR WebAdmin will be optimized for smartphones so that you can more easily report time when on the move.
  • Charts and Graphical Reporting
    The standard reports in TSR WebAdmin will now include graphics such as pie and bar graphs.


    Sneak Peak at the Coming Version of TSR

  • Personal Reporting
    Selected users can generate reports for themselves only.
  • Split General Report by User
    When generating a report, you can have it split up by user.
  • Add/Edit TSR info via the Calendar Tools Bar
    You no longer have to open Outlook appointments to add/edit TSR info. You can now do this directly from the Calendar tools bar.
    Skærmbillede 2013-05-23 kl. 08.17.00
  • Auto-select Project and Activity
    If you only have one project or activity related to an organization, these will be selected for you automatically.
  • Project Manager now a Permission
    You will now only see users with a ‘Project Manager’ permission when creating projects.
  • Auto-detect Office Version when Installing
    The TSR installer will now auto-detect your Office version when installing.
  • Delete Appointments Directly in Outlook
    You can now delete TSR appointments directly in Outlook without having to list them first with TSR.
  • INI File with On-Premise Installer
    Define the installation settings for your on-premise users.
  • And more…

We are really excited about this release and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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