Stay On Top of Projects With Team Time Tracking

Stay On Top of Projects With Team Time Tracking

Stay On Top of Projects With Team Time Tracking

Even the smallest of business projects tend to have several moving parts, which is why a team is usually assembled to better tackle each component. While this is certainly the best way to go, especially on larger projects, it can become something of a logistical nightmare if the whole process is not properly organized. Everyone within the teams needs to be aware of who is doing what, and where each individual person is in their job. It’s tough to manage, but team time tracking software makes the process that much easier to control.

How to Choose Team Time Tracking Software That Works for Your Business

If you are here reading about team time tracking software, then you are obviously already aware that the system you have in place is in some way flawed. One of the more common issues faced by companies is that the information required from employees is not delivered in a timely fashion, oftentimes because they are asked to transfer their data from one program to another. In today’s world, that very often means taking notes posted into Microsoft Outlook and re-entering them into another time reporting system. How much time is wasted doing that?

To streamline the process and cut down the amount of time that the team spends entering their activities, look for software that comes with Outlook integration as one of its main features. All activities recorded by every member of the team is automatically synchronized and centrally processed and collected, which each team member can be granted access to. Everyone is immediately on the same page then, as they can all quickly see where the rest of the group is in their parts of the project.

It’s also a good idea to opt for team time tracking software that allows for supervisor approval on all entries, as this makes planning ahead a good deal easier. The supervisor can look for tasks that may have been mistakenly attributed to multiple team members, which means resources and manpower can quickly be shifted to another area where they are needed more. Vacation and sick days can also be reported in a timely manner, as can expenses and other details that need approval from managers.

Another great feature that is a must for this type of software is the ability to input information on the go, and from multiple devices. Using a solution like TimeSheet Reporter allows you to report time via your Outlook calendar, also when there’s no internet connection. The next time you’re online, it will synchronize. If you don’t have access to your Outlook calendar, you can also report time via the browser on your computer, phone or tablet, which makes it easy for everybody.

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