Streamline Your Business with Employee Time Tracking

Streamline Your Business with Employee Time Tracking

Streamline Your Business with Employee Time Tracking

The average employee today is under more pressure than ever before to produce quality work in a timely fashion, yet many businesses choose to have their people waste time doing things that take away time from what’s important to the company. Countless hours are lost as employees are forced to fill out the details of the day, or on what projects they will be working on in the days and weeks ahead. In many cases, employees end up doing the task twice, as they must transfer their notes in Microsoft Outlook into whatever system the company uses.

The problem doesn’t just end there, though, as supervisors must also deal with the issue of hours not being submitted in a timely fashion. It’s not uncommon for clients to request frequent status updates on a project, and that is hard for a supervisor to deliver if they are not in possession of all the data. With good employee time tracking software you get a system that is easy to use, where supervisors can approve hours and activities, and can create reports for any given project with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

The Benefits of Employee Time Tracking

There are a number of employee time tracking options out there, and the one that delivers the biggest bang for your buck will be the one that streamlines the process most effectively. The number one feature that you should be looking for in this software is the ability to integrate Microsoft Outlook with the software. Adding hours, projects, time-off, meetings, and more in Outlook should translate into those entries showing up in your time tracking software.

Making the software available via a system that your employees already know, for example Microsoft Outlook, and also via a web interface, is a must. Also, invest in software that allows employees to input their information online and off, and suddenly you are looking at a timesaver of epic proportions. There is no need for anyone to wait until they get home or have access to a WiFi signal, which means all entries will be posted much more quickly. If there are tasks that employees frequently do that need to be recorded, these can be saved as favorites and quickly added to their calendar, once more cutting down the amount of time spent reporting hours and activities.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that comes from using a good employee time tracking solution that integrates with Outlook, is that the people who work for an organization don’t always feel as though someone is breathing down their neck. There is not a constant need to check in and report what is happening, and with a higher level of autonomy, employees tend to flourish and become more productive. The fact of the matter is that it’s easier to do a good job when you have plenty of time to devote to it as opposed to setting things aside to update your hours and all your movements.

This is all possible when having a software solution that allows you to do employee time tracking via your Outlook calendar.

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