Success via Time Tracking

Success via Time Tracking

Success via Time Tracking

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The software company, TimeSheet Reporter, which enables time tracking via Outlook, is successful in helping other businesses succeed.

The Challenge with Time Tracking

For many employees, the thing with time tracking, is not at the top of the list of the day’s favorite tasks, yet it is so essential to know how time is spent and how different projects are progressing.

With many products, employees must remember what they did when, and must often go into different programs to record their hours. This often results in the time registration being inaccurate, which may cost both the customers and the company itself money. This may result in billing too much or too little, and a couple of hours here and there can result in very large amounts over a year. For internal project management it is also essential to know how time is spent.

The solution

That’s why TimeSheet Reporter has so much success. “Time reporting does not necessarily have to be difficult, and can actually become something that the employees are really happy with. It just requires them to use the right solution,” says CEO of TimeSheet Reporter, Thomas Testmann.

Most professional organizations and companies use the Microsoft Outlook calendar, and that’s exactly what TimeSheet Reporter is based on.

“This means that instead of having to go into different systems, TimeSheet Reporter simply adds some extra fields to your appointments, and your time registration is actually done,” says Testmann. “It cannot really be any easier than that.”

Employees Support It

“When implementing time tracking, it’s extremely important to show users the value of it from the start,” says Testmann, explaining how they can quickly and easily record their hours and easily draw reports of their time.

“That way, they can quickly see the value of time registration and it can be a tool that they themselves very much benefit from.”

Helps Companies Around the World

TimeSheet Reporter can feel that it’s something customers like. They currently have customers worldwide, both private and public, and more are added continuously.

“It is probably because we constantly develop the product so it becomes stronger and stronger, and also that we do all we can to treat our customers well and provide them with the best possible solutions,” says Testmann. “Time tracking with our solution is often the cornerstone of our customers’ success, as they can easily see how time is spent, and then optimize based on that.”

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