Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Business owners know how much time tracking for their employees can benefit their business. Traditional time tracking, however, can take some time and effort from employees and their supervisors, and can even be a hassle.
Time tracking tools with Outlook integration, such as TimeSheet Reporter, however, can lessen the stress associated with time sheet reporting and actually make it easy – by utilizing the office staff’s knowledge of the Outlook calendar to its advantage.

Benefits of Using Outlook Timesheet Reporting

  • Additional Motivation
    Using Outlook together with TimeSheet Reporter makes the task of timesheet reporting simpler and easier by integrating it with the employees’ work. It contributes to employee efficiency by giving employees back the time that should have been used in tedious manual time reporting. It also lets employees track their own time reports, therefore inspiring them to create more progress.
    People are better motivated to work when they can see the progress that they are making. It’s better to see the accomplishments one makes little by little than not being able to visualize one’s progress at all.
  • Less Hassle and Unnecessary Stress
    Employees and supervisors alike will have a better experience using Outlook timesheet reporting because everything will be standardized. Supervisors will understand reports better because they will have the same format. Timesheet checking efficiency means more time and energy can be spent on other tasks.
    Supervisors won’t have to prod employees to submit their time sheets because they can have real time Outlook timesheet reporting, meaning there is less stress on both the supervisors and their employees. Conflicts resulting from the stress of promptly submitting reports or the lack of punctuality are avoided – leading to better manager-employee relationships. Better personnel relationships create a better team dynamic and can contribute to the business’ efficiency.
  • Less Operation Cost
    When employee efficiency is increased and time spending is optimized, then even the cost of operations is lessened. Businesses may get more amount of work done in less time when reporting is done properly, no time and money spent is wasted. More resources saved can also mean more can be made available for other business needs. This could mean employee incentives or a bigger budget for better office equipment, accommodation, new projects, etc. Ultimately, this benefits everyone in the company, and the better the situation for the people in the company is, the better the chances are for improved performance and business progress.

An Outlook timesheet reporting system is the best bet when you need a time tracking tool. The benefits all contribute to better work efficiency and – in the long run – improved business progress, so an investment like this is a really good choice.


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