The Advantages of an Outlook-Based Office 365 Timesheet Plugin

One of the best improvements that happened to performing office work is the introduction of the Microsoft Office 365. With this software office staff can use their favorite Office programs to carry out their particular tasks and at the same time enjoy various additional productivity tools and services.

In line with this, perhaps the most important office task today is time management. A lot of areas in the business will fail without it. So if you are using Office 365, having a dependable Office 365 timesheet plugin, such as TimeSheet Reporter, is essential for effective time management.

If you are looking for the ideal timesheet reporting solution, then you don’t need to look very far. The existing Microsoft Outlook Calendar in your company’s office computers can be used as the basis of your time tracking system. This is done by integrating compatible software to the Outlook Calendar that will enhance it to cater all of your business’ time tracking needs. Such a solution is TimeSheet Reporter, which allows you to report time based on your Outlook calendar appointments.

The Advantages of an Outlook-Based Office 365 Timesheet Plugin

The Advantages of an Outlook-Based Office 365 Timesheet Plugin

Advantages of an Outlook-Based Office 365 Timesheet Plugin

There are many benefits to an Outlook-based Office 365 time management system, and they are as follows:

  1. Improved reporting competence – Because the Outlook timesheet plugin is familiar and easy to use, employees will not be encumbered in creating their time reports. Actually, they may not even feel that an additional task was given to them because they are already using the Calendar to manage their own personal schedules. They just need to incorporate a bit extra information on their appointments, and the software will automatically pick it up and generate a detailed timesheet report.Only a quick orientation is needed to inform them of the improved features in Outlook and they can use the plugin to make and submit reports at once.
    The implementation of this tool should therefore easily be successful, since users have an easy time abiding by it.Not only that, the receivers of the reports will also have less trouble in reading and interpreting them. Because the reports are standardized and organized, results are easier to comprehend. For managers, it will mean less headaches and, more importantly, a lot more time in contemplating and assessing on what are the best possible ways to resolve issues, if there are any. Everybody benefits from a user-friendly time tracking software.
  1. Improved employee efficiency – Since employee time is accurately and properly monitored, their productivity will increase. This is a huge advantage not only for the company but for the employees themselves as well.When employees are able to measure their productivity and finish their tasks well and on time, they are motivated to give their best all the time. They get accustomed to that feeling of success and satisfaction, and will want to do it repeatedly. Couple it with a brilliant employee recognition program, and you have provided your staff a healthy and satisfying working environment as well as more control over processes and projects.Happy, motivated, and highly productive employees are extremely valuable to any company and it is possible with the right Outlook-based Office 365 timesheet plugin, such as TimeSheet Reporter. When morale is high, all the other aspects of the business also improve. Daily operations and customer service is positively influenced as well.
  1. Improved business processes – Speaking of daily operations, the right Outlook timesheet plugin will allow managers and the company’s decision-makers to recognize process flaws and other inconsistencies.High-quality timesheet reports easily reveal unnecessary processes in the entire company workflow and also those tasks where most of the time and resources are not used optimally. By identifying these specific parts, redundant procedures can be readily eliminated, creating instant savings for the company. As for the difficult tasks, managers can make sound decisions on how to streamline it or assign the right people to handle such work.By limiting system errors and losses, the company will be able to save more money and use it for re-investment or other programs that would further improve the business. The more efficient the company’s operations are the better is its competitive advantage over its business rivals as well.
  1. Improved customer service – When employees are inspired and business processes are streamlined, customer service will improve at the same time. Service excellence is the key to a highly profitable and sustainable company. This is because your customers are actually the lifeblood of your business. Without them, your company will not have any income to continue running.A practical example of improved customer service due to an effective Outlook Office 365 timesheet plugin is during field work. For example if you have service people in the field, as soon as a field representative completes his or her work, he or she can immediately update his or her timesheet using a mobile phone and that is instantly tracked by the accounting department in the office. The accounting staff can then create an invoice at once to be sent to the client. Both company and client are ensured that the proper time was served and paid because of the time tracking tool.
    The service representative can also report his or her time via Outlook, even when offline, and as soon as he or she is online again, the submitted time entries will be synchronized.
    This will also help streamline the company’s workflows, which again will improve the company overall.
  1. Improved corporate reputation – Lastly, the company’s brand and reputation is also enhanced when the right time tracking system is in place. When customers are constantly and continuously satisfied every time they interact with the company, the company’s reputation grows and they become the brand of choice in their industry. The customers themselves become its number one brand ambassadors, recommending its products and services to their acquaintances. This is another big advantage that can definitely boost business profits.


These are just some of the major advantages of having an ideal employee time reporting system and there are many more to experience once you implement it.

As mentioned, the best time tracking solution is using a simple and familiar program such as the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Having a compatible Office 365 timesheet plugin, such as TimeSheet Reporter, incorporated with it ensures you a thriving and continually growing business for years to come.


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