The Advantages of Outlook-based Enterprise Time Tracking Software

The Advantages of Outlook-based Enterprise Time Tracking Software

The Advantages of Outlook-based Enterprise Time Tracking Software

In the business world, time is perhaps one of the most important resources of a thriving organization. You have heard of the old adage that time is money. If a company is able to manage its time well, then the potential to earn more could be limitless.

To make sure that your company is handling employee time properly, you should utilize enterprise time tracking software. And it should not be just any time tracking software, but the appropriate one for your business.

There are many time management systems existing today, but the problem is that they are too complicated. Users will even have to access multiple programs just to be able to record their time and make reports. This makes it error-prone and burdensome for office staff to accomplish because they already have too many tasks on their plate.

Outlook-based Time Tracking

Time management based on the Microsoft Outlook Calendar that is supplemented by an add-on software solution, like TimeSheet Reporter, is what your company needs for effective time tracking. With this program, you can enjoy a familiar, practical, and user-friendly system without sacrificing proficiency and reliability.

Advantages of Enhanced Outlook-based Enterprise Time Tracking Software

Together with a solution like TimeSheet Reporter, this enhanced version of the Outlook Calendar will enable your company to benefit well from the many advantages that comes from it. Consider the following:

1. One-stop report generation

The enhanced Outlook Calendar allows you to input timesheet data and create reports without having to use numerous programs. Everything is done centrally. This saves you from the possibility of human errors which can most likely occur when copying and pasting data from different sources, and remembering when you did what.

2. Standardized reports

With this Outlook-based enterprise time tracking software, all reports have the same template and uses the same types of information for easier reading and interpretation. Company managers or supervisors will not have a difficult time collating and interpreting results as they are clear and harmonized. When reports are flawless, managers can immediately see inaccuracies in the operations, and teams can improve or correct them promptly.

3. Out-of-office access

With the program’s mobile application, field workers can still access it and input accurate timesheet data instantly. They don’t have to wait to get back in the office to encode the actual time they spent in servicing a client. They can do it right then and there with their mobile phones.

Besides their mobile phones, they can also still report time in Outlook when offline.

These are just a few of the benefits with enterprise time tracking software.

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