The Advantages of Time Tracking in Outlook with TimeSheet Reporter

Time Tracking in Outlook

The Advantages of Time Tracking in Outlook with TimeSheet Reporter

The market is flooded with software that offer administrative assistance to entrepreneurs, business owners, project managers, and other business minded individuals who play an active role in managerial positions. More often than not, people shy away from this type of software in view of the fact that they require a level of aptitude in operating the software. For this reason, TimeSheet Reporter was invented to cater to business professionals who want an easy way of creating, managing, and tracking their employees’ time sheets without having to reorient them to new software. With the combination of innovative features from TimeSheet Reporter and Microsoft Outlook fundamentals, there are certain advantages in time tracking in Outlook with the help of TimeSheet Reporter.

User-Friendly Platform

As mentioned previously, users of TimeSheet Reporter do not have to learn the nitty-gritty of how to operate the software as long as they have an adequate know-how on how to use the calendar in Microsoft Outlook. TimeSheet Reporter is the software that lets you create, manage, organize, and do all your time tracking in Outlook. No matter what your level of experience with software is; TimeSheet Reporter has one of the most user-friendly platforms ever.

Effortless Business Analytics

With TimeSheet Reporter, time tracking in Outlook becomes convenient and highly accurate. Not only can you systematize your employees’ time sheets, but TimeSheet Reporter allows you to have an overview of the productivity of your business in a day to day basis. The developers behind this innovative administrative assistance software have integrated accounting and marketing principles so business owners can see how the hours spent turns into profit. With these features, entrepreneurs, business owners and managers can effortlessly track inefficiencies and come up with appropriate solutions.

Report Standardization

A unique feature in TimeSheet Reporter is a function for generating standard reports. While you are time tracking in Outlook, you can easily get an overview of the progress of your employees.

You can also export this data to other programs, for example accounting, ERP or just Excel.

Accurate Customer Billing and Notifications

Billing is one of the delicate tasks a business owner has to deal with. Now, you don’t have to worry about overbilling or under-calculating customer bills. The software can whip up the number of worked hours on specific projects with the least risks of errors. The software also automatically notifies you if there are missing time sheet entries – a useful feature for busy entrepreneurs.

All this makes time tracking in Outlook with TimeSheet Reporter convenient and accurate.


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