The Benefits of Timesheet Software

The Benefits of Timesheet Software

The Benefits of Timesheet Software

Back in the day, every employee who worked for a company had to clock in and out at the end of the day, which might have been fine at that time and when everyone was in the same building or office. Things started to change, though, as the internet helped more businesses go global, which meant employs more regularly working out of the office or even telecommuting. Many companies also have multiple shifts or allow employees to work a more flexible schedule, all of which can be a strain on the payroll and financial department not to mention project managers.

The reason companies have been able to move away from the traditional time clock process, while also changing the way their employees work, is because of the way in which technology has advanced so rapidly in recent years. Even when employees are not tied to a desk in the same place every day, the company can still be able to pinpoint exactly where they are and what they are working on, and the reason for that is timesheet reporting software.

Benefits of Timesheet Software Explained

Imagine being able to have all your employees tied into a single system that they can access from just about anywhere, and which payroll, finance and supervisors can use to become more efficient. That is exactly what you get with timesheet software, assuming of course that you are using one that has a rich variety of just the right features. Here are just a few of the benefits of the best timesheet software:

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook – Most professional organizations today use Microsoft Outlook to manage their time and calendar. Going with timesheet software that includes Outlook integration means that employees can report the time that they work on projects, time-off, etc. directly from their Outlook calendar, and also submit this info for supervisor approval.
  • Time and Money Savings – Without this system in place, employees would have to record their information in their calendar, and then copy it all and pass it along to their managers, who would then have to input all the data again. The more steps, the more chance of errors. Proper timesheet software saves time and money, and essentially pays for itself in a very short period.
  • Detailed Reporting – Clients are constantly on the lookout for updates on the status of their projects, and being able to create detailed reports is a must. A good piece of software will easily let you do just that, showing just how many people are working on a project, as well as how many hours have already been devoted to each job.
  • Improved Planning Power – Using software that allows for supervisor approval means having the flexibility to plan and put people where they need to be in order ensure that every project is getting the attention it deserves. This helps ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. That’s the sort of thing that brings clients back for more.

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