The Best Program for Timesheet Reporting

The Best Program for Timesheet Reporting

The Best Program for Timesheet Reporting

Are you looking for the best program for timesheet reporting? An Outlook-based timesheet reporting system is definitely the perfect application for your organization.

Whatever the size of your business or what industry you are in, proper time tracking and monitoring is going to be an essential part of it. The ideal time tracking solution will enable your company to increase employee efficiency and streamline your business processes accordingly. These are two things that directly influence the financial bottomline and can determine the overall success of your organization.

Get the Ideal Program for Timesheet Reporting

Perhaps the most popular and reliable time tracking system today is TimeSheet Reporter, which is a program based on the Microsoft Outlook Calendar functioning as add-on software. The simplicity of the Outlook Calendar combined with the functionality of the supplemental software is what makes it ideal for time tracking in the office setting.

Most of the offered time reporting systems in the market right now are so complicated and difficult to understand that users are unable to utilize them. Because Outlook is a program that usually comes pre-installed on most modern office computers, it is already widely-used even for personal time management.

Your employees do not have to undergo painstaking and time-consuming trainings just to be able to apply it in their daily work. A simple orientation of the new features brought by the add-on software is enough to implement it in the office.

The add-on software makes it the ideal program for timesheet reporting, as it enhances the simple Outlook into a powerful application that can cater to all operational requirements of the organization related to time reporting.

Other Benefits of Outlook-based Timesheet Reporting

Aside from its simplicity, functionality, and user-friendliness, there are other benefits to this enhanced Outlook-based time tracking system. They are as follows:

1. Standardized reporting – the Outlook-based system not only makes time reporting quicker and easier but it also generates standardized reports as well. This is a huge benefit for the organization’s team leaders as they will not have a hard time interpreting the results. They can easily consolidate all reports and come up with their own for submission to the corporate executives.

2. Easy integration with other systems – the Outlook-based software can also be easily integrated with other essential corporate systems such as accounting, ERP, and CRM. This is another huge benefit, especially when you want to generate accurate customer billings or to create an all-embracing report such as an annual report or employee performance evaluation report.

3. Offline application – another great benefit of this program for timesheet reporting is its ability to be accessed even if the user is not connected online. This is useful for field workers who don’t always have access to the internet. Their timesheet data is automatically synchonized once they get back in the office or when they find an internet connection.

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