The Best Software for Time Tracking in 2016 and Forward

The Best Software for Time Tracking in 2016 and Forward

The Best Software for Time Tracking in 2016 and Forward

There is no question that being able to manage time is an essential aspect of any successful business. We are living in extremely hectic times and we are no longer just counting the hours each day, we are now trying to make the most out of each minute.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the features that any efficient time tracking software in 2016 and forward should be able to provide in order to allow you to get the best results.

The essential goal with time tracking in 2016 and forward

The main goal with a proper time tracking software solution is not to keep your employees under a watchful eye in regards to their productivity. The idea is to encourage better results by providing a way in which they can organize their working efforts and increase the level of productivity that the entire organization is going to be able to achieve. Time reporting is much more than just a system that keeps track of the way time is spent. It should also show you how you can improve that amount of time for the best possible results.

Full report features

One of the most essential things that you need to be able to get when you are doing any kind of time management is being able to get reports on the time that has been spent on projects and assignments and finding out how long it took for your company to finish any kind of project with a specific business venture.

The software of your choice should also be able to generate these reports in a graphical format that is going to allow you to create presentations for business meetings and for reports that are given to business partners.

It should be reliable

The speed in which data can be obtained, uploaded and transferred should be optimal and there should also be quick connectivity and easy access at all times. This is essential for efficient time tracking in 2016.

Mobile Access

This is also extremely important when you are always on the go. You need to be able to use time tracking software that is going to provide connectivity with smartphones. This is a must in modern times because we are no longer running our business from our offices exclusively.

It should have a system of permissions

This is also essential because you want to involve the entire workforce, but you want to make sure that this accessibility is restricted depending on the level of involvement and responsibility that every individual involved is going to have.

Notifications for missing entries

This is also going to be essential as it will allow you to track absence of proper reporting from each employee and this will make it easier for you to take appropriate action on the go.


A proper time tracking software solution in 2016 and forward should be able to make things extremely easy for you and it should have all the features that allow for maximum flexibility in regards to the results you get from your tracking efforts.

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