The Best Time Reporting System for Tracking Employee Time?

The Best Time Reporting System for Tracking Employee Time?

The Best Time Reporting System for Tracking Employee Time?

Every successful business owner knows that much of the company’s success can be attributed to outstanding employee efficiency. This is the reason why it is essential to have an effective time reporting system in your company for tracking employee time.

Every successful business owner knows that much of the company’s success can be attributed to outstanding employee efficiency. Employee efficiency is actually reported as one of the top factors that make a business financially stable and last for many, many years.

Employees who use their time wisely and productively contribute highly in increasing company revenue. This is the reason why it is essential to have an effective time reporting system in your company.


Software for Tracking Time is Essential

A time reporting system is software for tracking time spent by your employees in their regular office tasks or in other special projects. Reports generated from it provide your managers and employees with an overview of the progress and status of a specific task or project. With an efficient time tracking tool, you will know how efficient your employees are in their work and how projects progress.

Another benefit of an effective time tracking tool is that it can give your managers more time to innovate and think about ways on how to improve the business rather than troubleshooting all kinds of issues as well as having to remind people to send in their timesheets.

With a reliable time management system in place, regular employees are empowered to create their own work schedules based on the data that the reports provide. This empowerment will make them capable of handling the smaller, unexpected issues that they may encounter on their level without having to involve their manager.

When this happens, business operations will also become more efficient, which results in better products created and better services rendered. Improved products and services ensure that your most loyal customers are always happy with every interaction they make with your company. Because of great customer satisfaction, your brand image is also built up, gaining you word-of-mouth promoters that are essential in any highly competitive market.

Tracking employee time is not only advantageous for the company, it is actually beneficial to the employees as well. When your employees are conscious that their time is being monitored, they are motivated to become more efficient in doing their work. A time tracking report, coupled with constant manager’s feedback and recognition, makes them aware of their accomplishments and this knowledge will lead to a better and more productive performance.

And as employees experience the awesome feeling of achieving their goals on time and being recognized by their leaders, it becomes a habit that they would want to repeat again and again. Nothing else will give this kind of pleasure and excitement, and will result in a high level of employee satisfaction that would make the company even more successful.

When the office morale is high, the whole organization can be driven forward in an almost unstoppable upward trend, both in profits and efficiency. Employees are inspired to do their best, and sometimes give an extra effort just to be able to contribute positively in achieving organizational goals.

Again to emphasize, an effective time tracking tool can make all these things possible for you and your business.

The Best Time Reporting System for Tracking Employee Time

While there are many kinds of time tracking software available in the market today, most of them are too complicated and too strenuous to utilize. Even when the system is set up and eventually implemented in the company, employees find it difficult to comply with timesheet reporting as it is more of an additional work and a burden rather than an aid.

Complicated time tracking solutions also give managers and team leaders more than their normal share of headaches as inconsistent reports are incomprehensible and tedious. They spend more time than necessary trying to understand and put things in perspective. It is like solving a puzzle, which should not be the case.

The company is also taking the risk of losing a substantial amount of money as users will have to undergo specialized trainings just to use the system. And that goes without any insurance that employees will learn how to use it, or whether they will become effective at it.

The best software for tracking time, therefore, should be easy to use, accurate, and have the features that can accommodate the business requirements of your company.

Fortunately, there is a time tracking system today, TimeSheet Reporter, that uses the Microsoft Outlook Calendar as its foundation.


Because this enhanced time management tool is based on the Outlook Calendar, it is familiar and simple. No need for your team members to go through any trainings and no need for you to spend additional money just to prepare them. In fact, the Outlook Calendar is so common that your employees are probably already using it to manage their schedules.

With such an uncomplicated system, employees will be able to encode and make their timesheet reports without worries and inconveniences. Managers will have an equally easy time of assessing the reports because they are standardized and straightforward.

And even with the simplicity of this tool, it is able to link with other important company systems as well, such as ERP and CRM. By integrating time tracking data to these highly important company systems, you can produce reports that are extremely informative and helpful, especially to the top decision makers in the company.
If you just want to export to Excel this can also be done.

An additional benefit of this Outlook Calendar timesheet reporting system is that mobile personnel can still access it with their cell phones even via Outlook when offline. They can be on field duty, serving a customer, and still update their timesheets without any trouble as soon as possible. The system will just automatically synchronize itself once they get back in the office and connect to the internet, or immediately if they are using the smartphone version.

Indeed, the best time reporting system, TimeSheet Reporter, is already available today for you and your employees’ convenience. Find out more about this time tracking tool and you can be sure that your business will be on its way to improved employee efficiency and overall success.

How to get employees on board with a time reporting system

As a manager, once you make the decision to implement time tracking software into your business, one of the biggest obstacles you will face may be resistance from a few employees. You see, even though time tracking software is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, a few people may fail to understand its primary purpose. Disgruntled employees for example, often think of time reporting software as a means of spying on them and keeping tabs on their every move. In reality, it is designed to help and motivate them and improve the business. This in turn helps to ensure job security for them, it improves morale, it increases cash flow, and it increases their chance of a pay rise. Getting employees on board with a time reporting system can in some cases be difficult, but it can be done. Here’s a look at a few useful tips to help you out.

It will be to their benefit

Rather than taking a negative stance on timesheet reporting, why not highlight the positives instead? How many times have employees stayed late at the office to cover for a late colleague or to simply ensure they stay on track, and have not been paid for it? 15 minutes overtime here, one hour overtime there, it all adds up. Before they know it, they’ve worked an extra 6 – 7 hours per month, without actually logging these hours and being paid. Using time tracking software means that all of their overtime is logged, so they are rewarded for the extra hours that they have worked.

Highlight the fact that they can get on with their work

Another very useful benefit of time tracking software in the workplace is the fact that it enables employees to get on with their jobs. Rather than being constantly interrupted by their boss or team leader, asking for updates and such about various tasks and projects they are working on, they can instead focus on getting their heads down and getting their work done. This is very useful because it means that they are likely to get finished quicker, they’ll have less stress because they won’t need to worry about deadlines, and they won’t need to stay late or catch up with their work in their free time at home when they’re supposed to be relaxing.

Nobody constantly looking over their shoulder

Another very useful benefit of using a time reporting system, is the fact that employees won’t have to worry about having people constantly looking over their shoulder. When you’re trying to work, there’s nothing more off-putting than having somebody look over your shoulder when you’re trying to focus on your work. If your employees are resistant to the thought of implementing time reporting software in the workplace, simply highlight the fact that they’ll have less people getting on them when they’re trying to focus. With the right solution, rather than having to head over to an employee and ask them how they are getting on with a task or project, you can instead simply monitor the status of the project or task they’re working on, via the software. A few clicks of a button and you can see how far along they’re progressing, without having to interrupt them. This not only eases the pressure on the employees, it also helps to save time for you so you can focus on running your organization.

Highlight just how easy it is

Another reason why some employees are hesitant when it comes to using hour tracking software is because there is a preconceived notion that using the software is complex. It really isn’t, if you get the right solution. The whole point behind time tracking software and solutions is that it is extremely easy to use. The idea is to make life easier for employees and organizations, not harder. If you highlight that fact and really let your employees know just how easy the software is to use, you’ll be amazed by what a difference it makes. Many of the more user-friendly pieces of software integrate with Outlook, which is itself very user-friendly. Once employees have been using the software for a few days and have got the hang of things, they’ll wish you’d implemented it sooner, and so will you.

Highlight how future deadlines will be more realistic

How many employees reading this can relate to having their bosses piling unnecessary pressure onto them by providing them with tasks and projects with deadlines that are simply unrealistic? This places a great deal of stress onto the employee, it will likely result in their work suffering through rushing, and it will create a negative environment in the workplace. None of this is conducive for running a business. If employees are not fully on board with the idea of using time tracking software in your place of work, highlight the fact that the software will prevent unrealistic deadlines being set in the future. The software gives you an accurate breakdown of activities and projects, so you can see exactly how much time each one takes. If you can see that a specific task requires an average of 4 weeks to complete, the software will highlight this and will show bosses that setting a completion deadline of 2 weeks is unrealistic. This again eases the pressure on the employees, and it creates a more relaxed and positive environment in the workplace.

Offer incentives

Finally, the last tip you can implement to help get employees on board with time tracking software is to use it to offer them rewards and incentives. Whether it’s for meeting deadlines, perfect attendance, or just general productivity in the workplace, a good time reporting system will highlight all of the above. You can then use this to reward employees. This gives them an incentive to stay on track, and it is yet another impressive workplace morale booster.


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