The Difference between an Outlook Timesheet and Regular Timesheets

Outlook TimeSheet

Timesheets have conventionally been used to determine the amount of time an employee spends on any task. This information is then used not only to determine the payroll of the employees but also to understand what customers should be billed and more importantly to gauge whether resources such as time and money are being properly allocated.

Timesheet reporting used to be a simple concept – all an employee needed to do was enter the start and end time of working on any task or the duration required to complete the task.
Many timesheet reporting tools continue to work on the same principle while business management, in particular, project management has become more sophisticated. Organizations have realized that it is more efficient to break a project into different tasks, assign them to people based on their skill sets and then have an effective monitoring system in place to ensure that the entire project is completed in time.

Today, you can find a variety of project management tools – one dedicated to timesheet reporting, one for effective communication between employees and the project manager, yet another for monitoring the progress of the project and so on. TimeSheet Reporter, on the other hand, is a complete and comprehensive Outlook timesheet reporting tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook making it possible for employees and project managers to work with just one easy-to-use interface.

Using regular timesheet reporting tools means businesses have to train their employees to use the tools and to do so for the different tasks that they may be working on simultaneously. Not only can this prove tedious and time-consuming but also there is every likelihood that an employee forgets to enter his or her time for a particular task or makes a mistake. This could result in the organization under-billing a client leading to major losses for the company.

Outlook TimeSheet – The Best Solution Is TSR

The Difference between an Outlook Timesheet and Regular Timesheets

The Difference between an Outlook Timesheet and Regular Timesheets

TimeSheet Reporter with its ability to allow for Outlook timesheet reporting lets an employee simply use the Outlook calendar that they are already familiar with to send information about a task or appointment as soon as it is done, directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook calendar in particular is one of the most popular personal management features that employees use the world over. TimeSheet Reporter has thus been designed as a powerful Outlook timesheet reporting application that allows employees to continue using Outlook even as they are working on the task assigned to them and to then submit their timesheet directly through the Outlook calendar once they are done.

However, the real attraction of TimeSheet Reporter is not merely in its Outlook timesheet reporting feature. Businesses typically use one or more tools for payroll calculations, project management and client billing. TimeSheet Reporter is a powerful tool that makes all this possible through the Outlook timesheet reporting feature, as well as combined with data sharing with your other systems (such as ERP, CRM and accounting), while standard report generation helps management track the progress of various projects as well as develop a useful database of knowledge.


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