The Ideal Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking Solution

Advancements in technology have continued to help companies improve their businesses in both its administrative and operational aspects to positively influence net profit. With Microsoft Office 365, office tasks have furthermore become easier and more efficient.

Another excellent tool used by most of the top corporations in the world today to improve their efficiency is a time tracker. It has a lot of advantages thus the best companies want the ideal Office 365 time tracking solution for their business.

The Ideal Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking Solution

The Ideal Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking Solution

A time tracker, or a time tracking program, monitors the time spent by your employees on their specific job descriptions or any other special projects in which they are assigned to. It is used to generate comprehensive timesheet reports that are valuable when analyzing potential business process upgrades and other issues. It is also helpful in a lot of ways as it improves employee efficiency and productivity, develops and streamlines day-to-day operations, promotes customer satisfaction due to accurate billing and improved service, and makes it easier for top management to come up with rational leadership decisions in making all areas of the business better.

A time tracking program is indeed beneficial to all of the company’s stakeholders and almost any business can become more successful and sustainable by utilizing this kind of system. Needless to say, if you are using Office 365, then the first consideration is that your time reporting software should be compatible with it. If not, then you will be wasting all the wonderful help and features a reliable Office 365 time tracking program can do for you.

Unfortunately, some companies have taken a more complicated and inappropriate approach when it comes to time tracking. So instead of bringing them a lot of benefits, it has just become a source of many unwanted problems and internal turmoil.

If the time management system implemented is highly complex and unfamiliar to the employees, they are naturally having a hard time making the timesheet reports required of them. Some staff even has to allot a whole day of work just to be able to create a decent and sensible report, which is actually a waste of time for the company as well as for the person.

If this is the case, then what an employee actually did was to spend precious company time making a productivity report that is supposed to increase efficiency at the expense of cutting a huge chunk of his or her weekly office hours. Now, isn’t that a grave misuse of time or at best an ironic solution to the problem of efficiency?

Furthermore, most time tracking solutions available in the market today will compel a user to access several programs and applications for it to be utilized properly. One has to juggle into different platforms just to encode a few timesheet data, which can be taxing and burdensome for office staff that already have a lot on their plate.

Another problem when dealing with a time reporting system that involves multiple programs is that manually cutting and pasting data from one platform to another is extremely prone to human error. Not only that, by doing it that way the process of timesheet reporting takes much, much longer, which means more wasted time for the company itself.

And eventually, because of these inconveniences, employees simply ignore or put off complying with the office time tracking policy altogether, and they are in fact justified by being more productive when not using it. Besides, the time encoded is really not that accurate as field workers would have to go back to the office before they can even make entries to their timesheet.

In short, the ideal Office 365 time tracker should be simple, familiar, accessible, easy to use, and compatible to Office 365 itself.

The Ideal Microsoft Office 365 Time Tracking Solution

To solve all these issues, you should use a time tracking software that is based on the Microsoft Outlook Calendar program, such as the TimeSheet Reporter solution. The Outlook calendar is a widely-used personal time management program that is typically installed beforehand in most office computers. In fact, the majority of office staff is already using it to handle their own schedules.

However, since the Outlook Calendar would be limited to cater business reporting requirements on its own, it should be integrated with supplemental software that would enhance its features, such as TSR.

Benefits of an Enhanced Outlook Office 365 Time Tracker

  1. Easier and more convenient reporting – Using a familiar program will make implementing your time tracking policy successful. Why? Because everyone will be able to abide by it. There maybe a few who would still defy or disregard the policy, but if the majority of your employees are doing it and are experiencing the benefits, they will soon follow. Also, there will be no need to hop from one program to another just to encode data. You will be accessing and putting in data from and to a single location.
  1. Easy-to-read reports – Since all reports have the same template, managers and supervisors will also have an easier time interpreting reports and making wise judgments on how to deal with the results.
  1. Accurate customer billings – As the enhanced time tracker allows field staff to encode their time immediately after a service, timesheet data is accurate and so is the customer invoicing. This is also supported by using the Outlook appointments by office staff, which makes time reporting even more accurate. By charging the proper fees, the company will earn what it is supposed to and the customers will also get what they pay for. It is a win-win situation.
  1. Monetary savings and improved earnings – Most of all, it will generate a lot of savings for the company which will translate into an improved financial bottomline. Because the interface of the Outlook-based Office 365 time tracker by TimeSheet Reporter is well-known, there is no need for employees to undergo special trainings just to use it, except maybe for a short introduction and orientation. The company will not only save its training budget but will also make the most of its labor cost as there is no need for any employee to lose time.

Aside from that, the upgraded employee efficiency and business operations will further increase the company’s earnings. A lot can certainly improve when you use the ideal time tracking solution for your business, so get started with this solution right now.

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