The Importance of Timesheet Approval

The Importance of Timesheet Approval

The Importance of Timesheet Approval

In business, there have to be a series of checks and balances to ensure that everything is operating smoothly at all times. This includes keeping an eye on the work that each individual employee is doing. This isn’t to say that employees cannot be trusted, because the vast majority can, but there are mistakes that can be made that can end up being costly to the business if they are not caught.

A good piece of software will allow employees to submit their hours by integrating the information recorded in the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Usually this will be correct, but sometimes errors can be made, for example by choosing an incorrect project or time frame. You want to be sure that everything is correct, which is why it is so important to have a piece of software that allows a supervisor to approve all of the hours submitted on a continuous basis.

The Role of the Supervisor in Timesheet Approval

Supervisors often act as the go between, working with both the employees and the clients that they are serving. When outing together a contract with a new client, one of the most important factors in securing the deal is making it clear how quickly the job will be done, and how many hours will be devoted to it in that time. If the supervisor is unaware of what is going on with each employee in terms of the number of hours worked on a specific project, he or she will not be able to give the client accurate updates, and that can be a problem. It can also be an issue if you’re selling hours and the time registration is not correct.

It’s not just the job of the supervisor to look at the numbers submitted and check for errors, she or he also has to make sure that the hours worked are on par with what was told to the client. At any time, the client may ask to see some proof of the amount of time being devoted to their specific project, and that can only happen if a supervisor is on top of the submitted hours. If he or she sees that there is a shortfall, or that the company is falling behind, the supervisor can then be in the position to add more resources to the project, or perhaps to send an employee from one project to another.

There are a host of features that any good time tracking software should deliver in order to be truly effective, but it is perhaps role-based permissions and supervisor approval that sit near the top of the list. Again, this is not meant to say that it should be there to be used as a “Big Brother” approach to keeping an eye on employees, but rather so that the supervisor can quickly and easily see what is being done, and where, and then use that information to make sure that every project he or she is overseeing is getting the attention it needs and that billing is being done correctly.

All this is possible with timesheet approval, which should thus be an integral part of your time reporting system.

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