The Importance of Timesheet Programs and Finding the Best Time Tracking Solution

Timesheet programs are perhaps one of the most important tools used to increase the potential income of a company. It positively affects all the factors that influence profit such as business administration, employee supervision, accounting and finance, and reputation management.

The Importance of Timesheet Programs and Finding the Best Time Tracking Solution

The Importance of Timesheet Programs and Finding the Best Time Tracking Solution

Get the Complete View with Timesheet Programs

When it comes to business administration, timesheet programs reveal all the tasks involved in a specific workflow. Because it monitors the time spent by each employee on their specific assignments, the company’s leaders can best assess which people are more suitable for a certain job or if someone can be more effective on a different task other than the one he or she is doing now. By giving a person the opportunity to be at his best, the company will benefit in the long run as the performance will go up dramatically while the specific job becomes extremely helpful in fulfilling the company’ vision.

Unnecessary tasks can also be discovered, which will give managers the opportunity to change or remove them from the business process that in turn can simplify day-to-day operations. A streamlined operation results in a more productive staff, and having a more productive staff without compromising products and services usually means a significant improvement in the financial bottomline.

Regarding employee supervision, a reliable timesheet software can help you better manage employee productivity, payroll, labor cost, and work distribution. When you are monitoring your employee’s time, it would be easy to find out which ones could be more productive as well as the top performers. You can then create plans to motivate the ones that could be more productive and recognize the top performers according to your findings. You will also be able to distribute workload properly by studying the timesheet reports of your staff.

Payroll and labor costing are the other business aspects that can benefit a lot from a well-designed time management system. By incorporating a suitable time tracking solution to the payroll system, it will be faster and more accurate to compute employees’ salaries and compensations. There will be less calculation errors, or none at all, and you can have peace of mind that your labor cost will always correspond with the time used.

In accounting and finance, integrating the right time tracking solution to conventional accounting systems is useful to generate comprehensive reports and financial statements. This is particularly useful when billing or invoicing a customer for a type of service given to them by one of your employees.

For example, in a service business, a good time reporting system should be able to allow a consultant who just completed a service to immediately update his timesheet while still in the field via his mobile phone, or via his Outlook calendar, even when offline. Upon updating, the accounting department, which is back in the office, could accurately and quickly create an invoice to bill the customer. This kind of streamlined approach ensures that the company is not having any billing errors that could compromise earnings.

Finally, when it comes to reputation management, the best time tracking system will be able to help in enhancing customer service excellence. Again, by integrating the time management software to a customer service system such as CRM, critical productivity data can be readily obtained to improve all business processes that involve customer interaction.

With the company’s customer service continuously improving, loyal patrons are kept happy and satisfied which is extremely advantageous to the business since the reason that it is alive and thriving is because of its customers.

Indeed, there are so many advantages to having a good time management program, but the question is: What is the best time tracking solution available in the market today? What are the characteristics of a great timesheet program? What makes a time reporting tool successful?

The Best Time Tracking Solution

The best time management system is simple, practical, and easy to use. Complex timesheet programs are futile because the probability that employees who are supposed to use them can actually and effectively abide by them are low.

When you implement a complicated time tracking system and then oblige your employees to fill it during office hours, it is like giving them an extra workload and burden so the whole plan may backfire.

Furthermore, a complex program would require all of its users to undergo a number of training hours just to learn how to use this new system. Of course, that would incur additional expenses on the part of the company, which is unattractive.

So aside from having simple and user-friendly software, it should also be familiar and common to your staff to avoid further operating costs.

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a simple and common time management program that is commonly used by most office employees for their time management needs. What if you could utilize and modify this program to accommodate the time tracking requirements of your business?

Timesheet Reporting using Outlook

Fortunately, a timesheet reporting program that is based on the Outlook Calendar already exists today. The solution is TimeSheet Reporter.

With the enhanced Outlook Calendar, employees can easily fill up and create timesheet reports and submit them promptly. It will not be a taxing and troublesome chore to do because they already know how to use the Calendar. They can even include their own personal schedules in it so that all their important reminders can be found in a single location.

It will also be painless and trouble-free for the managers who will receive the reports. Since the reports are more likely to arrive on time, and they are simplified and all have the same template, interpreting them would be a breeze and less of a headache. Team leaders can reach a wise decision on certain company issues based on the accurate data obtained from the reports.

Obtaining this type of time tracking solution can surely benefit all the above mentioned areas of your company – business administration, employee supervision, accounting and finance, and reputation management – and all of these improvements will eventually result in improved profits as well. If you want a thriving, sustainable, and successful business, then you should acquire the enhanced Outlook Calendar timesheet program, TimeSheet Reporter, right now.


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