The World’s Easiest Way To Do Time Off Tracking for Your Employees

Time Off Tracking

The World’s Easiest Way To Do Time Off Tracking for Your Employees

As a business manager, you are probably well familiar with the difficulty of taking into account every single schedule change and employee shift while also trying to run a successful business. Most managers have found that trying to keep track of all the different company activities and organizational schedule requirements is a strain on their valuable time and resources. This problem is only magnified when things like sick leave tracking and time off tracking for employees have to be watched over, along with their normal shifts and allocations. Using manual timesheets and Microsoft Outlook alone simply isn’t enough to keep up with everything, and any attempt to do so is taxing on the minds and bodies of managers and business owners alike.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With TimeSheet Reporter, all of your timesheet and schedule notification needs can be taken care of promptly and easily. TimeSheet Reporter is the number one timesheet software on the market and provides a user-friendly platform to check and arrange all the different schedules your business makes use of. When it comes to monitoring the vacation hours and times off your employees have, TimeSheet Reporter provides an efficient system that updates you on everything you need to know about time off tracking, when you need to know it.

TimeSheet Reporter for All of Your Time off Tracking Needs

One of the most irritating parts of managing a business schedule is often keeping track of the times employees are given off. This is especially true for large businesses with numerous employees, who are commonly on constantly rotating schedules and have staggered vacation days. As a manager or business owner, you have more important business to attend to than spending hours on an inefficient manual timesheet, trying to map out the dates and hours your employees happen to be off the clock.

With TimeSheet Reporter, however, you won’t have to burn hours of time on timesheets. The software augments the conventional Microsoft Outlook program by automating time off tracking effectively and completely without encumbering the user. TimeSheet Reporter leverages the calendar in Outlook and automatically takes account of how many hours an employee is supposed to register for work. You can also enter in specific holidays and allotted time off easily on the calendar, so you know exactly when an employee has a vacation and when their vacation time is over. The software is flexible and can help you track a wide variety of employees and staff – all at the press of a button.

When creating an appointment in Outlook, and having TSR installed, you can also select an organization, project and activity, and the appointment then works as a timesheet. In the case of time off, the ‘Project’ would simply be ‘Time off’ and if you wish you can specify it more with the name of an ‘Activity’. In this way you can accurately measure how much time off an employee has had and compare that with how much they are entitled to. The time off tracking information can furthermore be shared with other programs (for example ERP) and be exported to for example Excel.

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing time off tracking for full-time employees, temps, interns or even your own time off. TimeSheet Reporter is the only system on the market with real-time scheduling assistance and help. If you want to save valuable time and money on your schedule tracking needs, then invest in TimeSheet Reporter software – today.


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